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(60S), Leviathan(80'S), Treatment(French), Stella
13th Floor Elevators49th ParallelA.B.Skhy
Abrams, MissAbsolute ElsewhereAcademy, The
Accent, TheAcid Mothers TempleAfterglow (psych)
Aguilar, IldefonsoAlan Franklin Explosion, TheAllan, Davie
Allen, DaevidAllison, ClayAmazing Friendly Apple
American BluesAnderson, MillerAndromeda
Animated Egg, TheAnno DominiAnt Trip Ceremony
Anvil Flutes & Capricorn VoiceApostolic Intervention, TheApple (Progressive)
Appletree Theatre, TheApryl FoolAquarian Age, The
ArcadiumAriel Pink's Haunted GraffitiArrows, The
ArtArt Of Lovin', TheArthur, Syd
Ashes, TheAslan (Folk)Assagai
Astral NavigationsAtacamaAttack In Black
Attack, TheAu-Pair, TheAudsley, Mick
Augie MarchAumAutosalvage
AztecaAzusa Plane, TheAzzam, Bob
Bachs, TheBailiff, JessicaBainbridge, Harvey
Balin, MartyBamboo (60s)Bangor Flying Circus
Barbeau, AntonBardo PondBarracudas, The
Barrett, SydBarrier, TheBeacon Street Union
BeauBeauregardeBell, Belinda
Beneath Fire & SmokeBent WindBernie & Joe
Bevan, BevBevis And TwinkBevis Frond, The
Big Boy PeteBig Brother & The Holding Co.Big Paintings, The
Bill And Ron MooreBilly Joe RoyalBirds, The
Black Sun EnsembleBlackbirds,TheBlacklight Chameleons
Blanking Machine, TheBlind FaithBlonde On Blonde
Blossom ToesBlue PhantomBlues Magoos
BodyBoetcher, CurtBoettcher, Curt
Bohemian VendettaBonniwell Music MachineBoris
Boston Tea Party, TheBoule, ChristianBow Street Runners (U.S.)
BrainBrainticketBreant, Francois
Brierley, MarcBroadway ProjectBrooks, Terry
Brown, BobBrowne, DuncanBruce, Jack
Bubble PuppyBuccaneers, TheBuckwheat
Bull Breed, JohnBulldog BreedBundt, Michael
Bunn, RogerBurnin Red IvanhoeBurrell, Boz
Bushmen, TheButterfield Blues Band, TheBygraves, Anthony
Byrd, Joe & The Field HippiesByzantiumC. A. Quintet, The
CA QuintetCake, TheCalifornians, The
Campbell-Lyons, PatrickCandymen, TheCaptain Beefheart & Magic Band
Captain SensibleCarlos, WalterCastro, Nick & The Young Elder
Casuals, TheCathode, RayCats Eyes
Cedars, TheCeyleib People, TheChangin' Times, The
Cherry SmashChildren, TheChocolate Watch Band, The
Churchills, TheCipollina, JohnCircus Maximus
ClaggersClarke, JamesClear Light
ClearlightCliqueClockwork Orange, The
Clover, TimothyCoffey, DennisColorfull Seasons
coloursColton, TonyComplex
CompostConsortiumConstant Sound, The
ContinuumCopperfieldCopperhead (John Cipollina)
Corbett, Harry H.Cords, TheCount Five
Country Joe & The FishCovenCrayola Summer
CreamCreation, TheCross & Ross
Crystal Set, TheCupid's InspirationCuppa T, The
Curved AirCymbeline, TheCyrkle
Daily Flash, TheDamnation Of Adam BlessingDandelion Fire
Dando ShaftDantalian's ChariotDark
Darrell, GuyDaughters Of AlbionDavid, The
Dawn ChorusDeacon, DanDead Meadow
Dean, RogerDeardorff, DannyDecline Of The Reptiles
DeepDeep FeelingDeep, The
Definition Of SoundDelicatessenDello, Pete
DemianDeviants, TheDickens
Do.Ré.MiDobson, BonnieDoctor & The Medics
DogfeetDoggerel BankDonnie & Joe Emerson
DoorsDouglas, Robb And DeanDr Brown
Dr Strangely StrangeDr. West's Medicine Show & JBDr. Z
Dream (70s)Dream, TheDreams, Wildest
Driscoll, JulieDriscoll, Julie & Auger, BrianDrizzle
DropDrowsyDruids Of Stonehenge, The
DrumboDu BlondeDude
DuffDuke & The King, TheDust
Dynamites (Japanese), TheE, WilliamE-Types
EagleEarcandyEarth And Fire
Earth IslandEarth OperaEasy Chair
Ectomorph, TheEdwards HandEire Apparent
Ekatarina VelikaElastick Band, TheElectric Banana, The
Electric BoysElectric Flag, TheEllie Pop
EmbryoEmpire Of The SunEnraptured Records
Epstein, BrianEquinox, TheErickson, Roky
EspersEveryday People (70s)Everything Is Everything
Expedition To EarthFabre, JacquesFactory, The
Faine JadeFairytale, TheFarquahr
Fay, BillFenwyckFever Tree
Fickle PickleFire (70s)Firesign Theatre, The
First Church Of Napoleon SoloFive Day Week Straw People, ThFlat Earth Society
Flies - 60s, TheFlyte Reaction, TheFocal Point
Focus ThreeFoodFool
Fort Mudge Memorial DumpFortunate SonsFox, The (Prog)
Fox, The (Psyche)Franc, PeterFrank Fish And The Fins
Fraternity Of ManFreak Scene, TheFred
FreedomFreiberg, DavidFriar Tuck
Fringe, TheFrumious BandersnatchFuchsia
GandalfGants, TheGarcia, Jerry
Garden Of Eden (60s)Garrick, DavidGarrie, Nick
Gasparyan, DjivanGenesis (Columbia)Genesis (USA)
Gentle InfluenceGhost, The (70s)Giant Sunflower
Giles, Giles & FrippGilmour, DavidGingerbread
Ginn, GregGlastonburyGlitterhouse, The
Gluck, JeremyGoblinGods, The
Godz, TheGolden Cups, TheGolden Dawn, The (US)
GonjasufiGoodhand-Tait, PhillipGopal, Sam
Gothic HorizonGottsching ManuelGrateful Dead
GraveyardGreen Hornets, TheGreen, Ian
Green, KatheGreenWood, NicholasGriffin, The
Grimble GrumbleGroup 1850Group Therapy
Growing Concern, TheGuru GuruHaack, Bruce
Haeffner, NickHamilton StreetcarHampton Grease Band
Hapshash & The Coloured CoatHare, ColinHarsh Reality
Hart, MickeyHassles, TheHatoba, Omoide
HawkwindHaymarket SquareHead Machine
Hearts And FlowersHedayat, DashiellHelio Sequence, The
HellhoundHenderson, Scott (60s)Henske, Judy
Henske, Judy & Yester, JerryHere And NowHester, Carolyn
Hi-FiHigh NumbersHobbits, The
Holden, RandyHolien, DannyHoney Ltd.
Hook, TheHouse, SimonHunger
I PoohI.E.M.Ides Of March, The
Idle RaceIll WindIllusion, The
Impala SyndromeIn Crowd, TheIndelible Murtceps
Indian SummerInner Space, TheInnocence, The
Insect Trust, TheInsomnia, PregnantInvasion
Invisible Hands, TheIron ButterflyIsle Of Wight
J. K. & Co.Jacks, TheJade (70s)
JadisJanusJason's Generation
Jeff Britton & The SpitfiresJefferson AirplaneJefferson, George Paul
Jelly Bean Bandits, TheJericho JonesJim & Jean
Jody GrindJohn's ChildrenJonesy
Joplin, JanisJosefusJoy Unlimited
Jr. And His SoulettesJSD BandJuly
Junior's EyesJuniper LeafKa, Andreas
KakKaleidoscope (UK)Kaleidoscope, The (US)
KangarooKasenetz-Katz Singing OrchestrKatch 22
KensoKikagaku MoyoKilroy, Pat
Kinetic, TheKing Gizzard And The Lizard WiKings Of Oblivion, The
Kippington LodgeKlubs, TheKluster
Laflamme, DavidLast, TheLava
LazarusLea Shores, TheLeaf Hound
League Of Gentlemen, TheLeary, TimothyLeaves
Lee, ArthurLee, FingersLes Rallizes Denudes
Let's Eat GrandmaLeviathanLewis, Peter
Lincoln St. ExitLincoln, PhilamoreLindley, David
Linhart, BuzzListeningLite, The
Little Phil & The NightshadowsLocomotiveLollipop Shoppe, The
Loose Ends (60s)Loot, TheLos Gatos Negros
Los York'sLost & FoundLove
Love ChildrenLove ExchangeLove Sculpture
Loved Ones, TheLovers, CocoLutha
Luv MachineLynch, DavidLyons & Malone
Mackay, RabbitMackenzie, JudyMaclean, Bryan
Macleod, RobertMad RiverMagic Band
Magic CarpetMagic MixtureMagic Muscle
Magic Mushroom Band, TheMagic Roundabout, TheMagnog
Mahogany (Rock)Majority, TheMalone, Wil
Mansions, MiniManson, CharlesMansun
Marriage, Left-HandedMascots, TheMashmakhan
Mason, NickMassiera, Jean-PierraMatfield And The Pond
Maze (US)McCulloch, DannyMcDonald, Country Joe
McDonald, ShelaghMcGough & McGearMcilwaine, Ellen
MDBMeehan, KeithMellow Candle
Melton, BarryMerrell And The ExilesMerryweather, Neil
MetabolistMichele - USMickey & The Heartbeats
Micky & TommyMike Stuart SpanMilan (60s)
Millenium, TheMills, CrispianMint Tattoo
Mirror, TheMisunderstoodMoby Grape
Mojo MenMontageMontgomery, Roy
Mood SixMoondogMoonflowers, The
Moore, JeffMooseheart Faith S G BandMops, The
More, MandyMorgan MusicMorgen
Morning DewMorning Glory (US)Morrigan, The
Morris, GerryMorris, RussellMother Gong
MotorpsychoMount McKinleys, TheMourning Reign
Mouse & The TrapsMuMurphey, Tim
Music EmporiumMusic Explosion, TheMutantes
Mystic SivaMystreated, TheNatural Acoustic Band
Neighb'rhood Childr'nNelson, TracyNew Formula, The
New Tweedy Brothers, TheNew York Rock Ensemble, TheNicely, Nick
NovellsOasis [US]Occasion, The
OdinOdyssey, TheOggum
Old GoldOn The Seventh DayOne In A Million
Onyx, TheOpal ButterflyOpen Mind, The
Open RoadOraOrange Alabaster Mushroom, The
Orange Bicycle, TheOrphan EggOrpheus
OS MutantesOther Half, TheOZ
OzoPacific EardrumPaisleys, The
Palace Of Light, ThePanPanama Limited Jug Band
Papa Bear's Medicine ShowPaper BubblePaper Garden, The
Par Lindh ProjectPatchPatto
PaupersPeanut Butter Conspiracy, ThePearls Before Swine
Pebbles, ThePeople (US)Peppermint Trolley, The
Perfect ChildrenPerkins, PollyPerrey, Jean-Jacques
Phase FivePicadilly LinePinhas, Richard
Pink FloydPlastic CloudPlastic Penny
PlasticlandPlayn Jayn, ThePoets, The (Irish 60s)
Poets, The (UK 60s)PôlePonder, Sanford
Popol VuhPopular Pants PeoplePortebello Explosion
Powder [US]Power Of Beckett, ThePretty Things, The
Psychedelic WarriorsPsychotic YouthPulse, The
PussyPussyfoot, ThePyramid, The
QuatrainQuicksilver Messenger ServiceQuiet Jungle, The
Quiet WorldQuintessenceRain (Psych)
Rainbow FfollyRainy DayRake
RamasesRamblin Johnny Stomach PumpRamsden, Nico
Random HoldRapp, TomRare Amber
Rebecca And The Sunnybrook FarRed Temple SpiritsRedding, Noel
RejoiceRetsiem, BokajRice, Larry 'Sunshine'
Rice-Milton, TerryRiff, NickRita
Robert Lester FolsomRockin FooRockin' Vickers
Rodriguez, SixtoRoger & WendyRoland, Paul
RoomRupert's PeopleRussal, Thane
S.C.U.MSacred Mushroom, TheSaddar Bazaar
SagaSagittariusSaint Steven
Salvation (60s)Sands Of TimeSandy Coast
Sapphire ThinkersSarofeen & SmokeSaturnalia
Sauterelles, LesSBBSchroder, Robert
Screaming Tea PartySea TrainSea-Ders, The
Search Party, TheSecond HandSecret Square
Seeds, TheSeldaSerfs, The
SexwitchShadows Of Knight, TheShake Appeal
Shake!, TheShangoShankar, Ananda
Sharon Whitbread And FredSharp, MartinSheephouse
Shepherd, AlfieSheshetShiva's Headband
Shoes (Dutch Band), TheShubertSilber, Ariel
Silver Apples, TheSimonSir Ching I
Sir Henry (& His Butlers)Sir Percy QuintetSitar, Lord
Sky SaxonSlick, GraceSmall Faces
Smith, BobSmokeSmoke (US), The
Smyth, GilliSnakefingerSons Of Fred, The
Sopwith CamelSorgini, GiulianoSorrows, The
Soul Benders, TheSouthern FlySouthwest F.O.B.
Space RitualSpaceheadSpiny Anteaters, The
SRCSt. John GreenStaccatos, The
Stalk-Forrest Group, TheStanley SteamerStardrive
Steppes, TheStereoscope Jerk ExplosionSteve Colt Paradox
StillrovenStirling, Peter LeeStokes, Simon
Stone CircusStoned CircusStonedelight
Strawberry Alarm ClockStrawberry JamStress
Strollers, TheStromme, CarolSun Dial
Sunday FunniesSundialSunforest
SunlightSuperfine Dandelion, TheSweet Tooth
SweetwaterSyn, TheSynanthesia
Sza'vee, CidneyT-H-C RollerTages
Tages, TheTamam ShudTame Impala
TamouzTangerine PeelTangerine Zoo, The
Tantalus (Folk)Taylor, DickTea & Symphony
TelegramTEMPLESTen Foot Faces
Terry & The PiratesThe Dragons (US)The Holy Mackerel
The Infinity ProjectThe J. & B.The Mickey Finn
The V.I.P.sThe ValentinesThee
Third Ear BandThird Rail, TheThomas, Jeff
Three O'Clock, TheThree Souls In My MindThree To One
Thyrds, TheTiffany Shade, TheTintern Abbey
Tiny TimToadToby Twirl
Tolman, RussTonto's Expanding Head BandTopo D. Bil
Touch (60s)TR-5Track Records
Tucker, TerryTudor LodgeTurner, Nik
Turtle, HenryTwinkUge
Ultimate SpinachUltra Mates, TheUnauthorised Version, The
Underground All-StarsUnderground Zer0Underneath, The
United States Of America, TheUnited States Of Existence TheUnited Travel Service
Universal EnergyUnspoken Word, TheValenti, Dino
ValhallaVarious - Prog & PsychVasant Rai
Vaughan, DavidVeloso, CaetanoVelvet Underground
Velvett FoggVictoriaVisitor 2035
Voice Of The Seven WoodsVoomins, TheVoormann, Klaus
Wakan, KanWarm DustWarm Sounds
Waterproof Candle, TheWaters, RogerWe Fell To Earth
We The PeopleWebWebb, Cassell
WebcoreWelles, BillyWendy & Bonnie
Werth, HowardWest Coast Pop Art ExperimentaWest Keith
Wheels Of TimeWhichwhatWhistler, Chaucer, Detroit & G
White HeavenWhite, Louisa JaneWho
Wilde Flowers, TheWilkinson Tri-CycleWillie And The Red Rubber Band
Wimple WinchWind In The Willows, TheWindy & Carl
Witch And The Robot, TheWizards From Kansas, TheWizards Of Twiddly
Wooden O, TheWorld Of OzWright, Rick
Writing On The WallWyndrushYak
YardbirdsYellow Payges, TheYester, Jerry
Young Veins, TheZager & EvansZappa, Frank
ZiguriZodiac, The