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U2UB40 Underworld 
UFO Uriah Heep Utah Saints 
U96 Undertones Unbelievable Truth 
Ure, Midge Ultravox Unkle 

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U Brown U Roy Junior U Turn 
U-BahnX U-Roy U-Ziq 
U.D.O. U.H.F. U.K. 
U.K. Joe U.K. Jones U.K. Subs 
U.K.'s, The U.K., Cats U.N.I.V.E.R.S.E., The 
U.N.V. U.P.O U.S. Ape 
U.S. Army Air Force Band U.S. Girls U.S. Shock 
U.S. Sky, US Sky U.V. Pop U2
U2 U96 UA 
UB40 Ubago, Alex Uchida, Mitsuko 
Uck Kim, Yong UD Project Udo 
Uffie UFI, The UFO 
Uge Uggams, Leslie Uggla, Magnus 
Ugly Ugly As Sin Ugly Casanova 
Ugly Duckling Ugly Ducklings, The Ugly Kid Joe 
Ugly's, The Uglysuit, The UI 
Uilab Ujima UK Decay 
UK Players UK Symphony Orchestra, The Ukelele Orchestra Of G.B. 
Ukonu, Anyaogu Ukrainians, The Ulaeto, Martha 
Ulf Wakenius Ullman, Tracey Ulmer, James 'Blood' 
Ultimate Force Ultimate III Ultimate Kaos 
Ultimate Painting  Ultimate Solution, The Ultimate Spinach 
Ultra Ultra Mates, The Ultra Montanes, The 
Ultra Naté Ultra Pop Ultra Vivid Scene 
Ultra-Sonic Ultrafox Ultrafunk 
Ultramagnetic MC's Ultramarine Ultrasound 
Ultraviolence Ultraviolet Ultravox 
ULTRAVOX Ulvaeus, Bjorn Ulver 
Umajets Umar Bin Hassain Umboza 
Umbrella Heaven Umiliani, Piero Umlaut 
Umo Jazz Orchestra Umo Vogue Umps And Dumps 
Un-Cut Unauthorised Version, The Unbelievable Truth 
Unbroken Spirit Uncanny Alliance Uncle 22 
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Uncle Devil Show, The Uncle Kracker 
Uncle Tupelo  Uncles, The Undead 
Under A Glass Bell Under Neath What Under the Influence Of Giants 
Under Two Flags Undercover Undercut 
Underdogs, The Underground All-Stars Underground Heroes 
Underground Lovers Underground Railroad Underground Zer0 
Underneath, The Underoath Understand 
Undertakers, The Undertones Underwood, Carrie 
Underworld Underworld [60s] Undisputed Truth, The 
Unearth Uneven Structure Unforgiven Kingdom 
Unforgiven, The Unicorn Unicorn, The 
Unida Union [BTO] Union [Kiss] 
Union Of Knives Union Underground Union, Bullet 
Union, The Unique 3 Uniques, The 
Unisex Unisonic Unit 43 
Unit Feat Red Bone Unit Four Plus Two Unit Six 
United Colours Of Sound United Future Organization United Jazz + Rock Ensemble 
United Nations United Nations Of Dance United States Double Quartet 
United States Of America, The United States Of Existence The United Travel Service 
Uniting Nations Univers Zero Universal 
Universal Energy Universal Sounds Orchestra University Of South Florida 
Unkle Unkle Bob Unkle Funk No.1 
Unklejam Unleashed Unlimited Touch 
Unlimited, Experience Unrest Unrest Work & Play 
Unsane Unseen Terror Unsound 
Unspoken Word, The Untamed Youth Untamed, The 
Unthanks, The Until June Untouchables (Reggae), The 
Untouchables, The Unun Unwed Sailor 
Unwin, Stanley Unwound Unwritten Law 
Up And Running Up With People Up, Bustle & Out 
Up, Lock Up, Skin Upchurch, Phil 
Upchurch, Philip Upp Upper Room, The 
Upper Street Ups & Downs Upsetters, The 
Upside Down Uptown, Rockers Urban Cookie Collective 
Urban Dance Squad Urban Dogs Urban Hype 
Urban Jungle Urban Myth Club Urban Shakedown 
Urban Soul Urban Species Urban Trance 
Urban, Keith Urbaniak, Michal Urbnri 
Urchin Ure, Midge Urge American Overkill 
Urge Overkill Urgent Urgent C 
Uriah Heep Urick, Jason Urinals, The 
Urlaub, Farin Urlich, Margaret Uropa Lula 
Ursull Joelle Urtreger, René Urubamba 
Urusei Yatsura Us Us, The 
US3 Us5 USA For Africa 
USA Nails Used to fix ADD_01 & TRANS_01 Used, The 
Users, The Usher Usher, Claire 
Usher, Gary USSA Usselton, Billy 
USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra Ustinov, Peter Usual Suspects, The 
Usura UT Utada 
Utada, Hikaru Utah Saints UTC 
UTFO Utopia (German) Utopia (US) 
Utsumi, Izuru UXB UZEB 
Uzeda Uzma