Clothing Goodies!Regardless of the band and regardless of the venue you can't go to a concert anywhere in the world without being confronted by an astonishing array of t-shirts, jackets, caps, shirts & scarves. That wasn't always the case however and it wasn't until the early seventies that record companies realized that they could capitalize on an artists popularity and fans loyalty to produce tour merchandise as well as promotional clothing to promote the brand new release. They would also produce a limited quantity of clothing exclusively for the bands road crew. Some of the most sought after collectables are the 'Vintage' tee shirts that date from the time of the original gig or album - indeed vintage clothing is one of the fastest growing areas in the music collectables market - they were more often than not a lot smaller in size than the majority of garments made today. As with any vintage clothing some items may show signs of age brought on by decades in storage, but we feel this only adds to collectability of the item. Whether it's the latest album tee or that vintage 70's tour shirt that you are after, we have something for everyone available right here in our specialist clothing store.

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Click here for more info about 'Michael Jackson - Dangerous Tour Cap'Click here for more info about 'Michael Jackson - Dangerous Tour Cap'

MICHAEL JACKSON Dangerous Tour (Superb 1992/3 US promotional-only black cotton baseball cap, with full-colour Dangerous World Tour/Pepsi logo printed on the front. With button, eyelets and adjustable back fastening - this cap should fit all head sizes and looks 'as new' and unworn)
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