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(60S), Leviathan(70S), Factory(80'S), Treatment
(French), Stella(US), Warlock4 Instants, The
49th ParallelA.B.SkhyAbrams, Miss
Absolute ElsewhereAcademy, TheAccent, The
Acid Baby JesusAcid GalleryAcid Mothers Temple
Across The WaterAdelbert Von DeyenAdmiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Afterglow (psych)AguaturbiaAguilar, Ildefonso
AirielAlan Franklin Explosion, TheAllan, Davie
Allen, DaevidAllison, ClayAlmendra
Always AugustAmazing Friendly AppleAncient Cities
Ancient SkyAnderson, MillerAndromeda
Animated Egg, TheAnnexus QuamAnno Domini
Ant Trip CeremonyAnvil Flutes & Capricorn VoiceApostolic Intervention, The
Apple (Progressive)Appletree Theatre, TheApryl Fool
Aquarian Age, TheArbouretumArcadium
AreaAriel Pink's Haunted GraffitiArkansaw, Jolliver
Arrows, TheArtArt Of Lovin', The
Arthur, SydAshes, TheAslan (Folk)
AssagaiAsteroid #4, TheAstra [00s Rock]
Astral NavigationsAtacamaAtlantic Thrills
Attack In BlackAttack, TheAu-Pair, The
Audsley, MickAugie MarchAum
Australian Pink Floyd, TheAutosalvageAve Rock
Avi BuffaloAxeAzteca
Azusa Plane, TheAzzam, BobBachs, The
Badge & CompanyBailiff, JessicaBainbridge, Harvey
BalduinBalin, MartyBamboo (60s)
Bang Girl Group Revue, TheBangor Flying CircusBarbeau, Anton
Bardo PondBarrett, SydBarrier, The
Beacon Street UnionBeatpack, TheBeau
BeauregardeBeautify JunkyardsBell, Belinda
Belltowers, TheBeneath Fire & SmokeBennett Wilson Poole
Bent WindBernie & JoeBevan, Bev
Bevis And TwinkBevis Frond, TheBig Boy Pete
Big Brother & The Holding Co.Big Paintings, TheBill And Ron Moore
Bill Plummer And The Cosmic BrBilly Joe RoyalBilly T.K.'s Powerhouse
BirdsBlack Angels, TheBlack Lips
Black PearlBlack SpiritBlack Sun Ensemble
Blackbirds,TheBlacklight ChameleonsBlackthorn
Bland, ChristianBlanking Machine, TheBlind Faith
Blonde On Blonde (60s)Blossom ToesBlown Out
Blue Mountain EagleBlue PhantomBlue Pills
Blues MagoosBlues PillsBobak, Jons, Malone
Boduf SongsBodyBoetcher, Curt
Boettcher, CurtBohemian VendettaBonniwell Music Machine
BorisBoston Tea Party, TheBoule, Christian
Bow Street Runners (U.S.)Boy AzoogaBrain
BrainticketBreant, FrancoisBright Light Social Hour, The
Broadway ProjectBronco BullfrogBrooks, Terry
Brown, BobBrowne, DuncanBruce, Jack
Bubble PuppyBuccaneers, TheBuckwheat
Bull Breed, JohnBulldog BreedBundt, Michael
Bunn, RogerBurnin Red IvanhoeBurrell, Boz
Bushmen, TheBygraves, AnthonyByrd, Joe & The Field Hippies
ByzantiumC. A. Quintet, TheCA Quintet
Cake, TheCalifornians, TheCampbell-Lyons, Patrick
Candymen, TheCaptain Beefheart & Magic BandCaptain Sensible
Carlos, WalterCarousels, TheCastro, Nick & The Young Elder
Casuals, TheCataldi, ClaudioCathode Ray Eyes
Cathode, RayCats EyesCedars, The
Ceyleib People, TheChangin' Times, TheCharge (Blues)
Cherry SmashChildren, TheChurchills, The
Cipollina, JohnCirculusCircus Maximus
ClaggersClarke, JamesClear Light
ClearlightCliqueClockwork Orange, The
Clover, TimothyCMUCollectors, The
Colorfull SeasonscoloursColton, Tony
Combustibles, TheComet Is Coming, TheComplex
CompostConqueroo, TheConsortium
Constant Sound, TheContinuumCopperfield
Copperhead (John Cipollina)Coral, TheCorbett, Harry H.
Cords, TheCount FiveCountry Joe & The Fish
CovenCrayola SummerCream
Creation Factory, TheCreation, TheCrome Syrcus, The
Cross & RossCrystal PhoenixCrystal Set, The
Cult Of Dom Keller, TheCupid's InspirationCuppa T, The
Curved AirCymbaline, TheCymbeline, The
CyrkleDaily Flash, TheDamnation Of Adam Blessing
Dandelion FireDando ShaftDantalian's Chariot
DarkDarrell, GuyDaughters Of Albion
David, TheDawn ChorusDeacon, Dan
Dead MeadowDead RabbitsDean, Roger
Deardorff, DannyDecline Of The ReptilesDeep
Deep FeelingDeep, TheDefinition Of Sound
DelicatessenDello, PeteDemian
Derya Yildirim & Grup SimsekDesert Mountain TribeDestruction Unit
Deviants, TheDickensDo.Ré.Mi
Dobson, BonnieDoctor & The MedicsDoctor Feelgood (UK)
DogfeetDoggerel BankDolly Rocker Movement
Donnie & Joe EmersonDoorsDouglas, Robb And Dean
Downes Braide AssociationDr BrownDr Strangely Strange
Dr. West's Medicine Show & JBDr. ZDream (70s)
Dream, TheDreams, WildestDreamtime [Psych Rock]
DressmakerDrinksDriscoll, Julie
Driscoll, Julie & Auger, BrianDrizzleDrop
DrowsyDruids Of Stonehenge, TheDrumbo
Du BlondeDudeDuke & The King, The
DustDynamites (Japanese), TheDzyan
E, WilliamE-TypesEagle
Earth And FireEarth IslandEarth Opera
EastwoodEasy ChairEclection
EcologyEctogramEctomorph, The
Edwards HandEire ApparentEkatarina Velika
Eksen Trick Brick BandElastick Band, TheElectric Banana, The
Electric BoysElectric Flag, TheElectric Wurms
ElizabethEllie PopEllister, Jack
Embrooks, TheEmbryoEmpire Of The Sun
Endle St. CloudEnraptured RecordsEpstein, Brian
Equinox, TheErickson, RokyEspers
Eternity's ChildrenEthereal CounterbalanceEveryday People (70s)
Everything Is EverythingEvil BlizzardExpedition To Earth
Eyes Of BlueFabre, JacquesFactory, The
Faine JadeFairytale, TheFalsini, Franco
Fantasyy FactoryyFarquahrFay, Bill
FenwyckFever The GhostFever Tree
Fickle PickleFinch, ScottFire (70s)
Firesign Theatre, TheFirst Church Of Napoleon SoloFive By Five
Five Day Week Straw People, ThFlat Earth SocietyFlies - 60s, The
Floh De CologneFlowerz, TheFlying Eyes, The
Flyte Reaction, TheFocal PointFocus Three
FoodFood, ElectricFool
Fool, RighteousFord TheatreFormerly Fat Harry
Fort Mudge Memorial DumpFortunate SonsFoster, Josephine
Fox, The (Prog)Fox, The (Psyche)Fraction
Franc, PeterFrank Fish And The FinsFraternity Of Man
Freak Scene, TheFredFree Pop Electronic Concept, T
FreedomFreedom, TheFreiberg, David
Friar TuckFringe, TheFrog
Fruits De Mer RecordsFrumious BandersnatchFuchsia
FugsFull MoonGaladriel
GalahadGalileo 7, TheGame, The
GandalfGants, TheGarcia, Jerry
Garden Odyssy EnterpriseGarden Of Eden (60s)Gardner, Jacco
Garrick, DavidGarrie, NickGarybaldi
Gasparyan, DjivanGass, TheGenesis (Columbia)
Genesis (USA)Gentle InfluenceGhost, The (70s)
Giant SunflowerGibsons, TheGiles, Giles & Fripp
Gilmour, DavidGingerbreadGinn, Greg
Gipsy LoveGlass, SamanthaGlastonbury
Glitterhouse, TheGluck, JeremyGoat (Swedish)
GoblinGods, TheGodz, The
Golden Cups, TheGolden Dawn, The (US)Gomorrha
GonjasufiGoodhand-Tait, PhillipGopal, Sam
Gothic HorizonGottsching ManuelGrannie
Grateful DeadGraveyardGreen Hornets, The
Green SeagullGreen, IanGreen, Kathe
GreenWood, NicholasGriffin, TheGrimble Grumble
Groovy UncleGroup 1850Group Image, The
Group TherapyGrowing Concern, TheGrumpus, Bo
GumGuru GuruGuryan, Margo
Gypsy LoveHaack, BruceHaeffner, Nick
Hail Spirit NoirHair & Skin Trading CompanyHamilton Streetcar
Hampton Grease BandHapshash & The Coloured CoatHarding, Curtis
Hare, ColinHarsh RealityHart, Mickey
Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp BanHashishHassles, The
Hatoba, OmoideHawkwindHaymarket Square
Haystacks BalboaHazeHead Machine
Head Of WantastiquetHearts And FlowersHeavy Jelly
Hedayat, DashiellHelio Sequence, TheHellhound
HelpHelp YourselfHenderson, Scott (60s)
HengeHenske, JudyHenske, Judy & Yester, Jerry
Herbal MixtureHere And NowHester, Carolyn
Hi-FiHigh NumbersHigher State, The
Hobbits, TheHolden, RandyHolien, Danny
Holy WaveHombréHoney Ltd.
Honey Pot, TheHook, TheHot Thumbs O'Riley
House, SimonHuman EyeHumus
HungerHydravionI Drive
I PoohI.E.M.Ides Of March, The
Idle RaceIgra Staklenih PerliIll Wind
Illinois Speed PressIllusion, TheImpala Syndrome
Imperial Pompadours, TheIn Crowd, TheIndelible Murtceps
Indian JewelryIndian SummerInner Space, The
Innocence, TheInsect Trust, TheInshallah
Insomnia, PregnantInvasionInvisible Hands, The
Iron ButterflyIsle Of WightIthaca
J. K. & Co.Jacks, TheJacqueline, Crystal
Jade (70s)JadisJanus
Jason's GenerationJasper WrathJeff Britton & The Spitfires
Jefferson AirplaneJefferson, George PaulJelly Bean Bandits, The
Jericho JonesJim & JeanJody Grind
Joe SoapJohn Williams (Folk)John's Children
JonesyJoplin, JanisJosefus
Joy UnlimitedJr. And His SoulettesJSD Band
JulyJumble LaneJunior's Eyes
Juniper LeafJustice & SheridanKa, Andreas
Kahvas JuteKakKaleidoscope, The (US)
KangarooKasenetz-KatzKatch 22
Kaufman, DeniseKeith, BarbaraKennelmus
KensoKhalsa String Band, TheKhruangbin
Kikagaku MoyoKilroy, PatKinetic, The
King Clam & The Marine BandKing Gizzard And The Lizard WiKings Of Oblivion, The
Kippington LodgeKistenmacher, BerndKlubs, The
KlusterKnifeworldKnight, Curtis
Knowbody Else, TheKohoutekKoobas
Kumari, TheKytesLaflamme, David
Lapis LazuliLard FreeLast, The
LavaLazarusLea Shores, The
Leaf HoundLeague Of Gentlemen, TheLears, The
Leary, TimothyLeavesLee, Arthur
Lee, FingersLeigh, AndrewLeisure Birds
Lemon Twigs, TheLeoLes Big Byrd
Les IrrésistiblesLes Rallizes DenudesLet's Eat Grandma
LeviathanLewis, PeterLiars (Psych)
Liberty Bell, TheLift To ExperienceLincoln St. Exit
Lincoln, PhilamoreLindley, DavidLinhart, Buzz
ListeningLite, TheLittle Free Rock
Little Phil & The NightshadowsLiving ChildrenLocomotive
Lollipop Shoppe, TheLoons, TheLoose Ends (60s)
Loot, TheLos Gatos NegrosLos Mac's
Los York'sLost & FoundLove
Love ChildrenLove ExchangeLove Sculpture
Loved Ones, TheLover, AlLovers, Coco
Lucid Dream, TheLuck Of Eden Hall, TheLundsten, Ralph
LuthaLuv MachineLynch, David
Lyons & MaloneMackay, RabbitMackenzie, Judy
Maclean, BryanMacleod, RobertMad River
Madder LakeMaerz, MarionMagic Band
Magic CarpetMagic CastlesMagic Mixture
Magic MuscleMagic Mushroom Band, TheMagic Roundabout, The
MagnogMahogany (Rock)Majority, The
Malone, WilMammut (70's)Mamuthones
Mandrake Memorial, TheMansions, MiniManson, Charles
MansunMarkusfeld, AlainMarriage, Left-Handed
Mascots, TheMashmakhanMason, Nick
Massiera, Jean-PierraMastonMatfield And The Pond
Maze (US)MCCOOL, FYNNMcCulloch, Danny
McDonald, Country JoeMcDonald, ShelaghMcGough & McGear
Mcilwaine, EllenMDBMeehan, Keith
Mellow CandleMelodienMelton, Barry
Merlin QMerrell And The ExilesMerrylees, The
Merryweather, NeilMetabolistMichele - US
Mickey & The HeartbeatsMicky & TommyMIEN
Mike Stuart SpanMilan (60s)Millenium, The
Mills, CrispianMint TattooMiracle Glass Company
Mirror, TheMisunderstoodMoby Grape
Modern ArtMojo MenMona Lisa (70S)
MontageMontgomery, RoyMood Six
Moon DuoMoondogMoonflowers, The
MoonkyteMoonlandingz, TheMoonrider
MoonstoneMoore, JeffMooseheart Faith S G Band
Mops, TheMore, MandyMorgan Music
MorgenMorning DewMorning Glory (US)
Morrigan, TheMorris, GerryMorris, Russell
MotorpsychoMount McKinleys, TheMourning Reign
MouseMouse & The TrapsMoving Sidewalks
MuMurphey, TimMusic Emporium
Music Explosion, TheMustangs, AlienMutantes
Mystic BravesMystic SivaMystreated, The
Naked SunNatural Acoustic BandNeighb'rhood Childr'n
Nelson, TracyNerve (Psych), TheNew Formula, The
New Tweedy Brothers, TheNew York Rock Ensemble, TheNicely, Nick
Noble Krell, TheNorman Haines Band, TheNova Local, The
NovellsOasis (US)Occasion, The
Occasionally DavidOdinOdyssey, The
OggumOld GoldOn The Seventh Day
On TrialOne In A MillionOneida
Onyx, TheOpal ButterflyOpen Mind, The
Open RoadOraOrange Alabaster Mushroom, The
Orange Bicycle, TheOrphan EggOrpheus
Orwell, PaulOS MutantesOscillation, The
OseOther Half, TheOut Of Darkness
OZ MagazineOzoPacific Eardrum
Paisleys, ThePalace Of Light, ThePan
Pan (Danish)Panama Limited Jug BandPapa Bear's Medicine Show
Paper BubblePaper Garden, ThePaperhouse
Par Lindh ProjectParlour Band, TheParrett, Michael
Peanut Butter Conspiracy, ThePearls Before SwinePebbles, The
Peep Show, ThePeople (Japan)People (US)
Peppermint Trolley, ThePerfect ChildrenPerkins, Polly
Permanent Clear LightPerrey, Jean-JacquesPetals (90S), The
PfarmersPhase FivePicadilly Line
Piccadilly CircusPiel De PuebloPinhas, Richard
Plastic CloudPlastic PennyPlasticland
Playn Jayn, ThePoisoned Electrick HeadPôle
Pond (00s)Ponder, SanfordPopera Cosmic
Popol VuhPopol Vuh (Norwegian)Popular Pants People
Portebello ExplosionPowder [US]Power Of Beckett, The
Pretty Things, TheProcessionPsychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, The
Psychedelic WarriorsPsychic Ills Psychotic Youth
Pulse, ThePursonPussy
Pussyfoot, ThePuzzle (1960S)Pyramid, The
QuatrainQuicksilver Messenger ServiceQuiet Jungle, The
Quiet WorldQuintessenceRadio Luxembourg
Radio Moscow (US)Rain (Psych)Rainbow Ffolly
Rainy DayRakeRamases
Ramblin Johnny Stomach PumpRamsden, NicoRandom Hold
Rapp, TomRare AmberRebecca And The Sunnybrook Far
Red Chair FadeawayRed Temple SpiritsRedding, Noel
RejoiceRemos Third EarRetsiem, Bokaj
Rice, Larry 'Sunshine'Rice-Milton, TerryRiff, Nick
RitaRobert Lester FolsomRobot, Lonely
Rockin FooRockin' Vickers, TheRodriguez, Sixto
Roger & WendyRoland, PaulRoom
Rose Garden, TheRugbys, TheRupert's People
Russal, ThaneRustin ManS.C.U.M
Sacred Mushroom, TheSaddar BazaarSaffron Sect, The
SagaSagittariusSaint Steven
Salvation (60s)Samuel ProdySandalwood
Sandoz LimeSands Of TimeSandy Coast
SankofaSapphire ThinkersSarofeen And Smoke
SaturnaliaSauterelles, LesSBB
Screaming Tea PartySea TrainSea-Ders, The
Search Party, TheSears, PeteSeclusions, The
Second HandSecret SquareSegall, Ty
SeldaSendelicaSerfs, The
SexwitchSFFShadows Of Knight, The
Shake AppealShake!, TheShango
Shankar, AnandaSharp, MartinSheephouse
Shepherd, AlfieSheshetShiva's Headband
Shoes (Dutch Band), TheShubertSilber, Ariel
Silver Apples, TheSimonSir Ching I
Sir Henry (& His Butlers)Sir Percy QuintetSitar, Lord
Sky SaxonSkybirdSleepy Sun
Slick, GraceSmall FacesSmell Of Incense
Smith, BobSmokeSmoke (70s)
Smoke (US), TheSmyth, GilliSmyth, Mordecai
SnakefingerSonic JesusSons Of Fred, The
Sopwith CamelSorgini, GiulianoSorrows, The
Soul Benders, TheSoundcarriers, TheSounds Of Modification
Southern FlySouthwest F.O.B.Space Agency, The
Space RitualSpace Spectrum, TheSpacehead
Spades, TheSpell (60s)Spiny Anteaters, The
Spiral SkySpiritSpiteri
SpurSquare, ParadiseSRC
St. John GreenSt. Valentine's Day MassacreStaccatos, The
Stained GlassStalk-Forrest Group, TheStanley Steamer
StardriveStaySteppes, The
Stereoscope Jerk ExplosionSteve Colt ParadoxSteve Maxwell Von Braund
StewedStillrovenStirling, Peter Lee
Stokes, SimonStoltz, KelleyStone Circus
Stoned CircusStonedelightStoney & The Jagged Edge
Strawberry Alarm ClockStrawberry JamStress
Strollers, TheStromme, CarolStudio Six
SubArachnoid SpaceSulkSullivan, Jim
Sun DialSunday FunniesSundial
SunforestSunlightSuperfine Dandelion, The
SuperfjordSuperorganismSwedish Death Candy
Sweet ToothSweetwaterSylvester Anfang II
Syn, TheSynanthesiaSza'vee, Cidney
T-H-C RollerTagesTages, The
TakoTamam ShudTame Impala
TamouzTangerine PeelTangerine Zoo, The
Tantalus (Folk)Taylor, DickTea & Symphony
Technical Space Composers CrewTelegramTemples
Ten Foot FacesTerry & The PiratesThe Dragons (US)
The Holy MackerelThe Infinity ProjectThe J. & B.
The Mickey FinnThe People's TempleThe V.I.P.s
The ValentinesTheeThee Image
Thee Oh SeesThelightshinesThings To Come
Third Bardo, TheThird Ear BandThird Rail, The
Thomas, JeffThorinshieldThree Dimensional Tanx
Three O'Clock, TheThree Souls In My MindThree To One
Thunderbeats, TheThyrds, TheTiffany Shade, The
Tintern AbbeyTiny TimToad
Toby TwirlTolman, RussTomorrow Come Someday
Tomorrow's PeopleTonto's Expanding Head BandTopo D. Bil
Touch (60s)TR-5Track Records
Treatment (Rock)TreesTribe Of Cro
TripsichordTritonsTropics, The
Tucker, TerryTudor LodgeTurner, Nik
Turtle, HenryTuttle, DougTwink
UgeUltimate SpinachUltra Mates, The
Unauthorised Version, TheUncle Acid & The DeadbeatsUnderground All-Stars
Underground Zer0Underneath, TheUnisex
United States Of America, TheUnited States Of ExistenceUnited States Of Existence The
United Travel ServiceUniversal EnergyUnknown Mortal Orchestra
Unspoken Word, TheUs And ThemUtopia Strong, The
Valenti, DinoValhallaVarious - Prog & Psych
Vasant RaiVaughan, DavidVeloso, Caetano
Velvet UndergroundVelvett FoggVespero
Vibracathedral OrchestraVibravoidVictoria
VillageViolet WoodsVisitor 2035
Voice Of The Seven WoodsVoomins, TheVoormann, Klaus
Wagner, AdrianWakan, KanWarm Dust
Warm SoundsWaterproof Candle, TheWaters, Roger
We Fell To EarthWe The PeopleWeb
Webb, CassellWebcoreWegmüller, Walter
Welles, BillyWendy & BonnieWerth, Howard
West Coast Pop Art ExperimentaWest KeithWheels Of Time
WhichwhatWhistler, Chaucer, Detroit & GWhite Fence
White HeavenWhite HillsWhite Sails
White, Louisa JaneWhoWhyte Horses
Wicked Whispers, TheWildbirds & PeacedrumsWilde Flowers, The
Wildfire (Psych)Wilkinson Tri-CycleWillie And The Red Rubber Band
Wills, MickWimple WinchWind In The Willows, The
Windy & CarlWitch And The Robot, TheWizards From Kansas, The
Wizards Of TwiddlyWooden O, TheWooden Shjips
World Of OzWorthlessWovenhand
Wright, RickWriting On The WallWyndrush
YakYardbirdsYellow Days
Yellow Payges, TheYester, JerryYoung Veins, The
Z.O.U.ZacchaeusZager & Evans
Zappa, FrankZiguriZodiac, The
Zone SixZygoat

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