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(60S), Leviathan(70S), Factory
(70S), Fluff(70S), Octopus(80'S), Treatment
(AUS), POND(Australian), Cybotron(French), Stella
(US), Warlock13th Floor Elevators3Speed Automatic
4 Instants, The4.A.D.49th Parallel
A.B.SkhyAbrams, MissAbsolute Elsewhere
Abunai!Academy, TheAccent, The
Acid Baby JesusAcid GalleryAcid Mothers Temple
Across The WaterAdelbert Von DeyenAdmiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Afterglow (psych)AguaturbiaAguilar, Ildefonso
Ahmed, IlyasAirielAl Et Al
Alan Franklin Explosion, TheAlgy Lord GrayAllan, Davie
Allen, DaevidAllen, DaveAllison, Clay
AlmendraAltered Hours, TheAlways August
Amazing Friendly AppleAmber, ForeverAMERICAN GYPSY (PROG)
Amin, ArunAmon DüülAnan
Ancient CitiesAncient SkyAnderson, Miller
AndromedaAndromeda, FeliusAnimated Egg, The
Annexus QuamAnno DominiAnt Trip Ceremony
AntorchasAnvil Flutes & Capricorn VoiceApostolic Intervention, The
AppleAppletree Theatre, TheApryl Fool
Aquarian Age, TheArbouretumArcadium
AreaAriel Pink's Haunted GraffitiArkansaw, Jolliver
Arrows, TheArtArt Of Lovin', The
Arthur, SydAshes, TheAslan (Folk)
AssagaiAssemble Head In Sunburst SoundAsteroid #4, The
Astra [00s Rock]Astral NavigationsAtacama
Atlantic ThrillsAttack In BlackAttack, The
Au-Pair, TheAudsley, MickAugie March
AumAustralian Pink Floyd, TheAutosalvage
AvatariumAve RockAvi Buffalo
AxeAztecaAzusa Plane, The
Azzam, BobBaba, MeherBachs, The
BackwaterBadge & CompanyBailiff, Jessica
Bainbridge, HarveyBalduinBalin, Marty
Bamboo (60s)Bang Girl Group Revue, TheBangor Flying Circus
BanquetBarbeau, AntonBardo Pond
Barracudas, TheBarrett, SydBarrier, The
Beacon Street UnionBeatpack, TheBeau
BeauregardeBeautify JunkyardsBell, Belinda
Bellaïche, AlainBelltowers, TheBeneath Fire & Smoke
Bennett Wilson PooleBent WindBernie & Joe
Bevan, BevBevis And TwinkBevis Frond, The
Big Boy PeteBig Brother & The Holding Co.Big Paintings, The
Bill And Ron MooreBill Plummer And The Cosmic BrBilly Joe Royal
Billy T.K.'s PowerhouseBirdsBirds, The
Black Angels, TheBlack LipsBlack Moth Super Rainbow
Black PearlBlack PumasBlack Spirit
Black Sun EnsembleBlackbirds,TheBlacklight Chameleons
BlackthornBland, ChristianBlanking Machine, The
Blind FaithBlondBlonde On Blonde (60s)
Blood, WeyesBlossom ToesBlown Out
Blue HorizonBlue Mountain EagleBlue Phantom
Blue PillsBlue Stones, TheBlues Magoos
Blues PillsBlues Project, TheBobak, Jons, Malone
Boduf SongsBodyBoetcher, Curt
Boettcher, CurtBohemian VendettaBombaim, Black
Bond, GrahamBonniwell Music MachineBoris
Boston Tea Party, TheBoule, ChristianBow Street Runners (U.S.)
Bown, AlanBoy AzoogaBozzio Levin Stevens
BrainBrainticketBreant, Francois
Bright Light Social Hour, TheBroadway ProjectBronco Bullfrog
Brooks, TerryBrown, ArthurBrown, Bob
Browne, DuncanBruce, JackBubble Puppy
Buccaneers, TheBuckwheatBuffalo Killers
Buggles, TheBull Breed, JohnBulldog Breed
Bundt, MichaelBunn, RogerBurnett, Abner
Burnin Red IvanhoeBurrell, BozBushmen, The
Butterfield Blues Band, TheBygraves, AnthonyBygraves, Max
Byrd, Joe & The Field HippiesByzantiumC. A. Quintet, The
CA QuintetCake, TheCalifornians, The
Campbell-Lyons, PatrickCandymen, TheCapitol Records
Captain Beefheart & Magic BandCaptain SensibleCarlos, Walter
Carousels, TheCastro, Nick & The Young ElderCasuals, The
Cataldi, ClaudioCatharsisCathode Ray Eyes
Cathode, RayCats EyesCats Pyjamas
Causa SuiCAVECedars, The
Ceyleib People, TheChambers Brothers, TheChangin' Times, The
Charge (Blues)Chasing The MonsoonChayfin, Ray
Cherry SmashChild, TheChildren, Dooms
Children, TheChocolate Watch Band, TheChrysalis
Churchills, TheCipollina, JohnCirculus
Circus MaximusClaggersClarke, James
Clear LightClearlightClique
Clockwork Orange, TheCloudland CanyonClover, Timothy
CMUCoffey, DennisCollectors, The
Colorfull SeasonscoloursColton, Tony
Combustibles, TheComet Is Coming, TheComplex
CompostConqueroo, TheConsortium
Constant Sound, TheContinuumCopperfield
Copperhead (John Cipollina)Coral, TheCorbett, Harry H.
Cords, TheCosmic Dead, TheCosmic Eye
Count FiveCountry Joe & The FishCoven
CovesCrayola SummerCream
Creation Factory, TheCreation, TheCritters, The
Crome Syrcus, TheCross & RossCrystal Phoenix
Crystal Set, TheCult Of Dom Keller, TheCunningham, Rosalie
Cupid's InspirationCuppa T, TheCurved Air
Cymbaline, TheCymbeline, TheCyrkle
Daily Flash, TheDamnation Of Adam BlessingDamo Suzuki's Network
Dandelion FireDando ShaftDantalian's Chariot
DarkDarrell, GuyDarryl Way's Wolf
Daughters Of AlbionDavid, TheDavis, Steve
Davis, TimDawe, TimDawn Chorus
Deacon, DanDead MeadowDead Otter
Dead RabbitsDean, RogerDeardorff, Danny
Decision, TheDecline Of The ReptilesDeep
Deep FeelingDeep Six, TheDeep, The
Definition Of SoundDelicatessenDello, Pete
DemianDerya Yildirim & Grup SimsekDesert Mountain Tribe
Destruction UnitDeviants, TheDickens
Difference, TheDo.Ré.MiDobson, Bonnie
Doctor & The MedicsDoctor Feelgood (UK)Dogfeet
Doggerel BankDolly Rocker MovementDonnie & Joe Emerson
DoorsDOORSDope Lemon
Douglas, Robb And DeanDownes Braide AssociationDr Brown
Dr Strangely StrangeDr. West's Medicine Show & JBDr. Z
Dream (70s)Dream, TheDreams, Wildest
Dreamtime [Psych Rock]DressmakerDrinks
Driscoll, JulieDriscoll, Julie & Auger, BrianDrizzle
DropDrowsyDruids Of Stonehenge, The
DrumboDu BlondeDude
Duke & The King, TheDustDynamites (Japanese), The
DzyanE, WilliamE-Types
EagleEarth And FireEarth Island
Earth OperaEarthlessEastwood
Easy ChairEclectionEcology
EctogramEctomorph, TheEdwards Hand
Eire ApparentEkatarina VelikaEksen Trick Brick Band
EL MICHELS AFFAIRElastick Band, TheElectric Banana, The
Electric BoysElectric Crayon Set, TheElectric Flag, The
Electric Mainline, TheElectric Mess, TheElectric Prunes, The
Electric WurmsElizabethEllie Pop
Ellister, JackEmbrooks, TheEmbryo
Empire Of The SunEndle St. CloudEnraptured Records
Epstein, BrianEquinox, TheErickson, Roky
EspersEternity's ChildrenEthereal Counterbalance
Everyday People (70s)Evil BlizzardExpedition To Earth
Explorers, GalacticEyes Of BlueFabre, Jacques
Factory, TheFaine JadeFairfield Parlour
Fairytale, TheFalsini, FrancoFamily Of Apostolic, The
Family Tree, TheFantasyy FactoryyFarquahr
Fay, BillFenwyckFever The Ghost
Fever TreeFickle PickleFields
Finch, ScottFinnigan And WoodFire (70s)
Firesign Theatre, TheFirst Church Of Napoleon SoloFive By Five
Five Day Week Straw People, ThFive Man Electrical BandFlash & The Dynamics
Flat Earth SocietyFleshtones, TheFleur De Lys, Les
Flies - 60s, TheFloating BridgeFloh De Cologne
Flowerz, TheFluffFluff (Rock)
Flying Eyes, TheFlyte Reaction, TheFocal Point
Focus ThreeFoodFool
Fool, RighteousFord TheatreForest
Formerly Fat HarryFort Mudge Memorial DumpFortunate Sons
Foster, JosephineFox, The (Prog)Fox, The (Psyche)
FractionFrampton, PeterFranc, Peter
Frank Fish And The FinsFrankie And The Witch FingersFraternity Of Man
Freak Scene, TheFredFree Pop Electronic Concept, T
FreedomFreedom, TheFreiberg, David
Friar TuckFrijid PinkFringe, The
FrogFruit Machine, TheFruits De Mer
Frumious BandersnatchFuchsiaFugs
Full MoonGaladrielGalahad
Galileo 7, TheGame, TheGandalf (US)
Gants, TheGarcia, JerryGarden Odyssy Enterprise
Garden Of Eden (60s)Gardner, JaccoGarrick, David
Garrie, NickGarybaldiGasparyan, Djivan
Gass, TheGenesis (Columbia)Genesis (USA)
Gentle InfluenceGerman OakGhost
Ghost, The (70s)Giant SunflowerGibsons, The
Giles, Giles & FrippGilmour, DavidGinger Ale
GingerbreadGinn, GregGipsy Love
Glass, SamanthaGlastonburyGlitterhouse, The
Gluck, JeremyGoa Express, TheGoat (Swedish)
GoblinGods, TheGodz, The
Golden Cups, TheGolden Dawn, The (US)Gomorrha
GongGonjasufiGoodhand-Tait, Phillip
Gopal, SamGothic HorizonGottsching Manuel
GrannieGrapefruitGrateful Dead
GraveyardGreat SocietyGreen Hornets, The
Green SeagullGreen, IanGreen, Kathe
GreenWood, NicholasGriffin, TheGrimble Grumble
Groovy UncleGroup 1850Group Image, The
Group TherapyGrowing Concern, TheGrumpus, Bo
GumGuru GuruGuryan, Margo
Gypsy LoveH.P. LovecraftHaack, Bruce
Haeffner, NickHail Spirit NoirHair & Skin Trading Company
Hamilton StreetcarHampton Grease BandHappy Families
Hapshash & The Coloured CoatHarding, CurtisHare, Colin
Harsh RealityHart, MickeyHarvey Matusow's Jews Harp Ban
HashishHassles, TheHatoba, Omoide
HavenstreetHawkwindHaymarket Square
Haystacks BalboaHazeHe 6
Head MachineHead Of WantastiquetHearts And Flowers
Heavy JellyHedayat, DashiellHelio Sequence, The
Helium, BlackHellhoundHelp
Help YourselfHenderson, Scott (60s)Hendrix, Jimi
HengeHenske, JudyHenske, Judy & Yester, Jerry
Herbal MixtureHerbcraftHerd, The
Here And NowHere Lies ManHester, Carolyn
Hi-FiHigh NumbersHigher State, The
Hills, ChrisHitchcock, RobynHobbits, The
Holden, RandyHolien, DannyHollins And Starr
Holy Modal RoundersHoly WaveHombré
Honey Ltd.Honey Pot, TheHook, The
Hot Dog Stand, TheHot Thumbs O'RileyHouse, Simon
Human Beinz, TheHuman EyeHumus
HungerHydravionI Drive
I PoohI.E.M.Ides Of March, The
Idle RaceIgra Staklenih PerliIll Wind
Illinois Speed PressIllusion, TheImmediate Label
Impala SyndromeImperial Pompadours, TheIn Crowd, The
Indelible MurtcepsIndian JewelryIndian Summer
Inner Space, TheInnocence, TheInsect Trust, The
InshallahInsomnia, PregnantInvasion
Invisible Hands, TheIpsissimusIron Butterfly
Is BlissIsle Of WightIt's A Beautiful Day
IthacaJ. K. & Co.J.C.
Jacks, TheJacqueline, CrystalJade (70s)
JadisJanusJason's Generation
Jasper WrathJawboneJeff Britton & The Spitfires
Jefferson AirplaneJefferson, George PaulJelly Bean Bandits, The
Jericho JonesJim & JeanJody Grind
Joe SoapJohn Williams (Folk)John's Children
Jon & JodiJonesyJoplin, Janis
JosefusJoy UnlimitedJr. And His Soulettes
JSD BandJuicy GrooveJuly
Jumble LaneJunior's EyesJuniper Leaf
Justice & SheridanJustineKa, Andreas
Kahvas JuteKakKaleidoscope (UK)
Kaleidoscope, The (US)KandodoKangaroo
Kantner, PaulKasenetz-KatzKatch 22
Kaufman, DeniseKeith, BarbaraKennelmus
KensoKern, RenateKhalsa String Band, The
KhruangbinKikagaku MoyoKilroy, Pat
Kinetic, TheKing Clam & The Marine BandKing Gizzard And The Lizard Wi
Kings Of Oblivion, TheKippington LodgeKistenmacher, Bernd
Klubs, TheKlusterKnifeworld
Knight, CurtisKnowbody Else, TheKohoutek
KoobasKumari, TheKytes
Laflamme, DavidLapis LazuliLard Free
Last, TheLatin PlayboysLaurel Collective, The
LavaLazarusLea Shores, The
Leaf HoundLeague Of Gentlemen, TheLears, The
Leary, TimothyLeathercoated Minds, TheLeaves
Lee, ArthurLee, FingersLeigh, Andrew
Leigh, HeatherLeisure BirdsLemon Twigs, The
LeoLes Big ByrdLes Irrésistibles
Les Rallizes DenudesLet's Eat GrandmaLeviathan
Lewis, PeterLiars (Psych)Liberty Bell, The
Lift To ExperienceLincoln St. ExitLincoln, Philamore
Lindley, DavidLinhart, BuzzListening
Lite, TheLittle FeatLittle Free Rock
Little Phil & The NightshadowsLiving ChildrenLiving Guitars
LocomotiveLollipop Shoppe, TheLoons, The
Loose Ends (60s)Loot, TheLos Gatos Negros
Los Mac'sLos York'sLost & Found
Lothar And The Hand PeopleLoveLove Children
Love ExchangeLove SculptureLove, Simon
Loved Ones, TheLover, AlLovers, Coco
LR RocketsLucid Dream, TheLuck Of Eden Hall, The
Lundsten, RalphLuthaLuv Machine
Lynch, DavidLyons & MaloneMaajun
Mackay, RabbitMackenzie, JudyMaclean, Bryan
Macleod, RobertMad RiverMadder Lake
Maerz, MarionMagic BandMagic Carpet
Magic CastlesMagic Lanterns, TheMagic Mixture
Magic MuscleMagic Mushroom Band, TheMagic Roundabout, The
MagnogMagusMahogany (Rock)
Majority, TheMalone, WilMammut (70's)
MamuthonesMandrake Memorial, TheMansions, Mini
Manson, CharlesMansunMarkusfeld, Alain
Marriage, Left-HandedMartin's Magic SoundsMascots, The
MashmakhanMason, NickMassiera, Jean-Pierra
MastonMatadors, The (R&R)Material
Matfield And The PondMay, PhilMaze (US)
Mazzy StarMCCOOL, FYNNMcCulloch, Danny
McDonald, Country JoeMcDonald, ShelaghMcGough & McGear
Mcilwaine, EllenMcLagan, IanMDB
Meehan, KeithMellow CandleMelodien
Melton, BarryMerlin QMerrell And The Exiles
Merrylees, TheMerryweather, NeilMetabolist
MethuselahMichele - USMickey & The Heartbeats
Micky & TommyMIENMighty Baby
Mike Stuart SpanMilan (60s)Miles, Buddy
Millenium, TheMills, CrispianMint Tattoo
Miracle Glass CompanyMirror, TheMisunderstood
Moby GrapeModern ArtMojo Men
Moles (Simon Dupree), TheMona Lisa (70S)Montage
Montgomery, RoyMonumentMood Six
Moon DuoMoondogMoonflowers, The
MoonkyteMoonlandingz, TheMoonrider
MoonstoneMoore, JeffMooseheart Faith S G Band
Mops, TheMore, MandyMorgan Music
MorgenMorning DewMorning Glory (US)
Morrigan, TheMorris, GerryMorris, Russell
Morrison, JimMother Earth (60S)Mother Gong
MotorpsychoMount McKinleys, TheMourning Reign
MouseMouse & The TrapsMove, The
Moving SidewalksMuMurphey, Tim
Music Asylum, TheMusic EmporiumMusic Explosion, The
Music MachineMustangs, AlienMutantes
Mycroft, TimMystic BravesMystic Siva
Mystreated, TheNaked SunNatural Acoustic Band
NazzNeighb'rhood Childr'nNelson, Tracy
Nerve (Psych), TheNew Formula, TheNew Tweedy Brothers, The
New York Rock Ensemble, TheNicely, NickNicholls, Billy
Nirvana (UK)Noble Krell, TheNorman Haines Band, The
Nova Local, TheNovellsOasis (US)
Occasion, TheOccasionally DavidOctober Country
Octopus SyngOdinOdyssey, The
OggumOkumoto, RyoOld Gold
On The Seventh DayOn TrialOne In A Million
One Way TicketOneidaOnyx, The
Opal ButterflyOpen Mind, TheOpen Road
OraOrange Alabaster Mushroom, TheOrange Bicycle, The
Oranssi PazuzuOroonies, TheOrphan Egg
OrpheusOrwell, PaulOS Mutantes
Oscillation, TheOseOther Half, The
Out HudOut Of DarknessOwls, Fewer
OZ MagazineOzoPacific Eardrum
Paisleys, ThePalace Of Light, ThePan
Pan (Danish)Panama Limited Jug BandPapa Bear's Medicine Show
Paper BubblePaper Garden, ThePaperhouse
Par Lindh ProjectParks, TessParlour Band, The
Parrett, MichaelParson Red Heads, ThePatch
PattoPaupersPeanut Butter Conspiracy, The
Pearls Before SwinePebbles, ThePeel, David & Lower East Side
Peep Show, ThePeople (Japan)People (US)
Peppermint Trolley, ThePerfect ChildrenPerkins, Polly
Permanent Clear LightPerrey, Jean-JacquesPetals (90S), The
PfarmersPhase FivePicadilly Line
Piccadilly CircusPie, RandyPiel De Pueblo
Pierre Moerlen's GongPinhas, RichardPink Fairies, The
Pink FloydPinkwindPlastic Cloud
Plastic PennyPlastic Penny, ThePlasticland
Playn Jayn, ThePošta, FrantišekPoets, The (Irish 60s)
Poets, The (UK 60s)Poisoned Electrick HeadPôle
Pond (00s)Ponder, SanfordPopera Cosmic
Popol VuhPopol Vuh (Norwegian)Popular Pants People
Portebello ExplosionPositivaPowder [US]
Power Of Beckett, ThePretty Things, ThePrime Movers, The (UK)
ProcessionPsychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, ThePsychedelic Warriors
Psychic Ills Psychotic YouthPulse, The
PursonPussyPussyfoot, The
Puzzle (1960S)Pyramid, TheQuadrant, Third
QuatrainQuicksilver Messenger ServiceQuiet Jungle, The
Quiet WorldQuiltQuintessence
Radio LuxembourgRadio Moscow (US)Rain (Psych)
Rain ParadeRainbow FfollyRainy Day
RakeRamasesRamblin Johnny Stomach Pump
Ramsden, NicoRandom HoldRapp, Tom
Rare AmberRayitoRazmataz
Rebecca And The Sunnybrook FarRed Chair FadeawayRed Crayola, The
Red DirtRed Temple SpiritsRedding, Noel
RejoiceRelf, KeithRemos Third Ear
Retsiem, BokajRhytonRice, Larry 'Sunshine'
Rice-Milton, TerryRiff, NickRita
Robert Lester FolsomRoches, TheRockin Foo
Rockin' Vickers, TheRodriguez, SixtoRoger & Wendy
Roland, PaulRoomRose Garden, The
Ruben And The JetsRugbys, TheRupert's People
Russal, ThaneRustin ManS.C.U.M
Sacred Mushroom, TheSaddar BazaarSaffron Sect, The
SagaSagittariusSaint Steven
Sakamoto, ShintaroSalvation (60s)Samuel Prody
SandalwoodSandoz LimeSands Of Time
Sandy CoastSankofaSapphire Thinkers
Sarofeen And SmokeSaturnaliaSauterelles, Les
SBBSchadelSchroder, Robert
Screaming Tea PartySea TrainSea-Ders, The
SeagullmenSearch Party, TheSears, Pete
Seclusions, TheSecond HandSecret Square
Seeds, TheSegall, TySelda
SendelicaSerfs, TheSexwitch
SFFShadow mannShadows Of Knight, The
Shake AppealShake!, TheShango
Shankar, AnandaSharon WhitbreadSharp, Martin
SheephouseShepherd, AlfieSheshet
Ship Of FoolsShiva's HeadbandShoemaker Levy
Shoes (Dutch Band), TheShubertSilber, Ariel
Silver Apples, TheSimonSimones
Sir Ching ISir Henry (& His Butlers)Sir Percy Quintet
Sitar, LordSjöblom, RikardSkip Bifferty
Sky SaxonSkybirdSleepy Sun
Slick, GraceSmall FacesSmell Of Incense
Smith, BobSmokeSmoke (70s)
Smoke (US), TheSmokehouse, IlmoSmyth, Gilli
Smyth, MordecaiSnakefingerSomeone's Band
Sonic JesusSons Of Champlin, TheSons Of Fred, The
Sopwith CamelSorgini, GiulianoSorrows, The
Soul Benders, TheSound Asleep, TheSoundcarriers, The
Sounds Of ModificationSouthern FlySouthwest F.O.B.
Space Agency, TheSpace RitualSpace Spectrum, The
SpaceheadSpades, TheSpectrum, The
Spell (60s)Spence, SkipSpiny Anteaters, The
Spiral SkySpiritSpiteri
SpurSpurious TransientsSquare, Paradise
SRCSt. John GreenSt. Valentine's Day Massacre
Staccatos, TheStackStained Glass
Stalk-Forrest Group, TheStanley SteamerStardrive
StaySteam ShuttleSteppes, The
Stereoscope Jerk ExplosionSteve Colt ParadoxSteve Maxwell Von Braund
StewedStillrovenStirling, Peter Lee
Stokes, SimonStoltz, KelleyStone Circus
Stone PillowStoned CircusStonedelight
Stoney & The Jagged EdgeStorm CorrosionStrawberry Alarm Clock
Strawberry JamStressStrollers, The
Stromme, CarolStudio SixStyrenes, The
SubArachnoid SpaceSugar Shoppe, TheSulk
Sullivan, JimSultana, TashSun Araw
Sun DialSunday FunniesSundial
SunforestSunlightSunset Strip, The
Superfine Dandelion, TheSuperfjordSuperorganism
Swedish Death CandySweet ToothSweetwater
Sylvester Anfang IISyn, TheSynanthesia
Sza'vee, CidneyT-H-C RollerT.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
TagesTages, TheTako
Tamam ShudTame ImpalaTamouz
Tangerine PeelTangerine Zoo, TheTantalus (Folk)
Taylor, DickTea & SymphonyTechnical Space Composers Crew
TelegramTemplesTen Foot Faces
Terminator XTerry & The PiratesThe Dragons (US)
The Holy MackerelThe Infinity ProjectThe J. & B.
The Mickey FinnThe People's TempleThe V.I.P.s
The ValentinesTheeThee Image
Thee Oh SeesThelightshinesThings To Come
Third Bardo, TheThird Ear BandThird Rail, The
Thomas, JeffThomopoulos, AndreasThorinshield
Three Dimensional TanxThree O'Clock, TheThree Souls In My Mind
Three To OneThunderbeats, TheThyrds, The
Tiffany Shade, TheTime WastersTimebox
Tintern AbbeyTiny TimTinyfish
ToadToad HallToby Twirl
Tolman, RussTomorrowTomorrow Come Someday
Tomorrow's PeopleTonto's Expanding Head BandTopo D. Bil
Touch (60s)TR-5Track Records
Trade Winds, TheTradewinds (Pop Psych), TheTraffic
Trashmen, TheTreatment (Rock)Trees
Tribe Of CroTripsichordTritons
Tropical Fuck StormTropics, TheTrout, The
TrúbrotTucker, TerryTudor Lodge
Tuneful Trolley, TheTurbowolfTurner, Nik
Turtle, HenryTuttle, DougTwink
UgeUltimate SpinachUltra Mates, The
Unauthorised Version, TheUncle Acid & The DeadbeatsUnderground All-Stars
Underground Zer0Underneath, TheUnisex
United States Of America, TheUnited States Of ExistenceUnited States Of Existence The
United Travel ServiceUniversal EnergyUnknown Mortal Orchestra
Unspoken Word, TheUs And ThemUtopia Strong, The
Valenti, DinoValhallaVarious - Prog & Psych
Various - Soul & FunkVasant RaiVaughan, David
Veloso, CaetanoVelvet UndergroundVelvett Fogg
VesperoVibracathedral OrchestraVibravoid
Violet WoodsVirgin Sleep, TheVisitor 2035
Voice Of The Seven WoodsVoomins, TheVoormann, Klaus
Wagner, AdrianWakan, KanWapassou
Warm DustWarm SoundsWatchOut!
Waterproof Candle, TheWaters, RogerWavves
We Fell To EarthWe The PeopleWeaver, Jane
WebWebb, CassellWebcore
Wegmüller, WalterWelles, BillyWendy & Bonnie
Werth, HowardWest Coast Pop Art ExperimentaWest Keith
Wheels Of TimeWhichwhatWhistler, Chaucer, Detroit & G
White FenceWhite HeavenWhite Hills
White Noise SoundWhite SailsWhite, Louisa Jane
WhoWhyte HorsesWicked Whispers, The
Wildbirds & PeacedrumsWilde Flowers, TheWildfire (Psych)
Wilkinson Tri-CycleWillie And The Red Rubber BandWills, Mick
Wimple WinchWind In The Willows, TheWindy & Carl
Witch And The Robot, TheWizards From Kansas, TheWizards Of Twiddly
Wooden O, TheWooden ShjipsWorld Of Oz
WorthlessWovenhandWright, Rick
Writing On The WallWyndrushXhol Caravan
YakYardbirdsYellow Days
Yellow Payges, TheYester, JerryYo Ho Wah 13
Young Sinclairs, TheYoung Veins, TheYounghusband
Z.O.U.ZacchaeusZager & Evans
Zappa Plays ZappaZappa, FrankZiguri
Zodiac, TheZone SixZygoat

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