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(60S), Leviathan(70S), Factory(80'S), Treatment
(French), Stella(US), Warlock4 Instants, The
49th ParallelA.B.SkhyAbrams, Miss
Absolute ElsewhereAcademy, TheAccent, The
Acid Baby JesusAcid GalleryAcid Mothers Temple
Across The WaterAdelbert Von DeyenAdmiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
Afterglow (psych)AguaturbiaAguilar, Ildefonso
AirielAlan Franklin Explosion, TheAllan, Davie
Allen, DaevidAllison, ClayAlmendra
Altered Hours, TheAlways AugustAmazing Friendly Apple
Ancient CitiesAncient SkyAnderson, Miller
AndromedaAnimated Egg, TheAnnexus Quam
Anno DominiAnt Trip CeremonyAntorchas
Anvil Flutes & Capricorn VoiceApostolic Intervention, TheApple (Progressive)
Appletree Theatre, TheApryl FoolAquarian Age, The
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiArkansaw, JolliverArrows, The
ArtArt Of Lovin', TheArthur, Syd
Ashes, TheAslan (Folk)Assagai
Asteroid #4, TheAstra [00s Rock]Astral Navigations
AtacamaAtlantic ThrillsAttack In Black
Attack, TheAu-Pair, TheAudsley, Mick
Augie MarchAumAustralian Pink Floyd, The
AutosalvageAve RockAvi Buffalo
AxeAztecaAzusa Plane, The
Azzam, BobBachs, TheBadge & Company
Bailiff, JessicaBainbridge, HarveyBalduin
Balin, MartyBamboo (60s)Bang Girl Group Revue, The
Bangor Flying CircusBarbeau, AntonBardo Pond
Barrett, SydBarrier, TheBeacon Street Union
Beatpack, TheBeauBeauregarde
Beautify JunkyardsBell, BelindaBellaïche, Alain
Belltowers, TheBeneath Fire & SmokeBennett Wilson Poole
Bent WindBernie & JoeBevan, Bev
Bevis And TwinkBevis Frond, TheBig Boy Pete
Big Brother & The Holding Co.Big Paintings, TheBill And Ron Moore
Bill Plummer And The Cosmic BrBilly Joe RoyalBilly T.K.'s Powerhouse
BirdsBlack Angels, TheBlack Lips
Black PearlBlack SpiritBlack Sun Ensemble
Blackbirds,TheBlacklight ChameleonsBlackthorn
Bland, ChristianBlanking Machine, TheBlind Faith
Blonde On Blonde (60s)Blossom ToesBlown Out
Blue Mountain EagleBlue PhantomBlue Pills
Blues MagoosBlues PillsBobak, Jons, Malone
Boduf SongsBodyBoetcher, Curt
Boettcher, CurtBohemian VendettaBonniwell Music Machine
BorisBoston Tea Party, TheBoule, Christian
Bow Street Runners (U.S.)Boy AzoogaBrain
BrainticketBreant, FrancoisBright Light Social Hour, The
Broadway ProjectBronco BullfrogBrooks, Terry
Brown, BobBrowne, DuncanBruce, Jack
Bubble PuppyBuccaneers, TheBuckwheat
Bull Breed, JohnBulldog BreedBundt, Michael
Bunn, RogerBurnett, AbnerBurnin Red Ivanhoe
Burrell, BozBushmen, TheBygraves, Anthony
Byrd, Joe & The Field HippiesByzantiumC. A. Quintet, The
CA QuintetCake, TheCalifornians, The
Campbell-Lyons, PatrickCandymen, TheCaptain Beefheart & Magic Band
Captain SensibleCarlos, WalterCarousels, The
Castro, Nick & The Young ElderCasuals, TheCataldi, Claudio
Cathode Ray EyesCathode, RayCats Eyes
Cedars, TheCeyleib People, TheChangin' Times, The
Charge (Blues)Cherry SmashChildren, The
Churchills, TheCipollina, JohnCirculus
Circus MaximusClaggersClarke, James
Clear LightClearlightClique
Clockwork Orange, TheClover, TimothyCMU
Collectors, TheColorfull Seasonscolours
Colton, TonyCombustibles, TheComet Is Coming, The
ComplexCompostConqueroo, The
ConsortiumConstant Sound, TheContinuum
CopperfieldCopperhead (John Cipollina)Coral, The
Corbett, Harry H.Cords, TheCount Five
Country Joe & The FishCovenCrayola Summer
CreamCreation Factory, TheCreation, The
Crome Syrcus, TheCross & RossCrystal Phoenix
Crystal Set, TheCult Of Dom Keller, TheCupid's Inspiration
Cuppa T, TheCurved AirCymbaline, The
Cymbeline, TheCyrkleDaily Flash, The
Damnation Of Adam BlessingDandelion FireDando Shaft
Dantalian's ChariotDarkDarrell, Guy
Daughters Of AlbionDavid, TheDawn Chorus
Deacon, DanDead MeadowDead Otter
Dead RabbitsDean, RogerDeardorff, Danny
Decline Of The ReptilesDeepDeep Feeling
Deep Six, TheDeep, TheDefinition Of Sound
DelicatessenDello, PeteDemian
Derya Yildirim & Grup SimsekDesert Mountain TribeDestruction Unit
Deviants, TheDickensDo.Ré.Mi
Dobson, BonnieDoctor & The MedicsDoctor Feelgood (UK)
DogfeetDoggerel BankDolly Rocker Movement
Donnie & Joe EmersonDoorsDope Lemon
Douglas, Robb And DeanDownes Braide AssociationDr Brown
Dr Strangely StrangeDr. West's Medicine Show & JBDr. Z
Dream (70s)Dream, TheDreams, Wildest
Dreamtime [Psych Rock]DressmakerDrinks
Driscoll, JulieDriscoll, Julie & Auger, BrianDrizzle
DropDrowsyDruids Of Stonehenge, The
DrumboDu BlondeDude
Duke & The King, TheDustDynamites (Japanese), The
DzyanE, WilliamE-Types
EagleEarth And FireEarth Island
Earth OperaEastwoodEasy Chair
Ectomorph, TheEdwards HandEire Apparent
Ekatarina VelikaEksen Trick Brick BandElastick Band, The
Electric Banana, TheElectric BoysElectric Flag, The
Electric Mainline, TheElectric Mess, TheElectric Wurms
ElizabethEllie PopEllister, Jack
Embrooks, TheEmbryoEmpire Of The Sun
Endle St. CloudEnraptured RecordsEpstein, Brian
Equinox, TheErickson, RokyEspers
Eternity's ChildrenEthereal CounterbalanceEveryday People (70s)
Everything Is EverythingEvil BlizzardExpedition To Earth
Eyes Of BlueFabre, JacquesFactory, The
Faine JadeFairytale, TheFalsini, Franco
Family Tree, TheFantasyy FactoryyFarquahr
Fay, BillFenwyckFever The Ghost
Fever TreeFickle PickleFinch, Scott
Fire (70s)Firesign Theatre, TheFirst Church Of Napoleon Solo
Five By FiveFive Day Week Straw People, ThFive Man Electrical Band
Flat Earth SocietyFlies - 60s, TheFloh De Cologne
Flowerz, TheFlying Eyes, TheFlyte Reaction, The
Focal PointFocus ThreeFood
Food, ElectricFoolFool, Righteous
Ford TheatreFormerly Fat HarryFort Mudge Memorial Dump
Fortunate SonsFoster, JosephineFox, The (Prog)
Fox, The (Psyche)FractionFranc, Peter
Frank Fish And The FinsFraternity Of ManFreak Scene, The
FredFree Pop Electronic Concept, TFreedom
Freedom, TheFreiberg, DavidFriar Tuck
Fringe, TheFrogFruits De Mer Records
Frumious BandersnatchFuchsiaFugs
Full MoonGaladrielGalahad
Galileo 7, TheGame, TheGandalf
Gants, TheGarcia, JerryGarden Odyssy Enterprise
Garden Of Eden (60s)Gardner, JaccoGarrick, David
Garrie, NickGarybaldiGasparyan, Djivan
Gass, TheGenesis (Columbia)Genesis (USA)
Gentle InfluenceGhost, The (70s)Giant Sunflower
Gibsons, TheGiles, Giles & FrippGilmour, David
GingerbreadGinn, GregGipsy Love
Glass, SamanthaGlastonburyGlitterhouse, The
Gluck, JeremyGoa Express, TheGoat (Swedish)
GoblinGods, TheGodz, The
Golden Cups, TheGolden Dawn, The (US)Gomorrha
GonjasufiGoodhand-Tait, PhillipGopal, Sam
Gothic HorizonGottsching ManuelGrannie
Grateful DeadGraveyardGreen Hornets, The
Green SeagullGreen, IanGreen, Kathe
GreenWood, NicholasGriffin, TheGrimble Grumble
Groovy UncleGroup 1850Group Image, The
Group TherapyGrowing Concern, TheGrumpus, Bo
GumGuru GuruGuryan, Margo
Gypsy LoveHaack, BruceHaeffner, Nick
Hail Spirit NoirHair & Skin Trading CompanyHamilton Streetcar
Hampton Grease BandHappy FamiliesHapshash & The Coloured Coat
Harding, CurtisHare, ColinHarsh Reality
Hart, MickeyHarvey Matusow's Jews Harp BanHashish
Hassles, TheHatoba, OmoideHawkwind
Haymarket SquareHaystacks BalboaHaze
Head MachineHead Of WantastiquetHearts And Flowers
Heavy JellyHedayat, DashiellHelio Sequence, The
Helium, BlackHellhoundHelp
Help YourselfHenderson, Scott (60s)Henge
Henske, JudyHenske, Judy & Yester, JerryHerbal Mixture
Here And NowHester, CarolynHi-Fi
High NumbersHigher State, TheHobbits, The
Holden, RandyHolien, DannyHoly Wave
HombréHoney Ltd.Honey Pot, The
Hook, TheHot Thumbs O'RileyHouse, Simon
Human EyeHumusHunger
HydravionI DriveI Pooh
I.E.M.Ides Of March, TheIdle Race
Igra Staklenih PerliIll WindIllinois Speed Press
Illusion, TheImpala SyndromeImperial Pompadours, The
In Crowd, TheIndelible MurtcepsIndian Jewelry
Indian SummerInner Space, TheInnocence, The
Insect Trust, TheInshallahInsomnia, Pregnant
InvasionInvisible Hands, TheIpsissimus
Iron ButterflyIs BlissIsle Of Wight
IthacaJ. K. & Co.Jacks, The
Jacqueline, CrystalJade (70s)Jadis
JanusJason's GenerationJasper Wrath
Jeff Britton & The SpitfiresJefferson AirplaneJefferson, George Paul
Jelly Bean Bandits, TheJericho JonesJim & Jean
Jody GrindJoe SoapJohn Williams (Folk)
John's ChildrenJonesyJoplin, Janis
JosefusJoy UnlimitedJr. And His Soulettes
JSD BandJulyJumble Lane
Junior's EyesJuniper LeafJustice & Sheridan
Ka, AndreasKahvas JuteKak
Kaleidoscope, The (US)Kasenetz-KatzKatch 22
Kaufman, DeniseKeith, BarbaraKennelmus
KensoKhalsa String Band, TheKhruangbin
Kikagaku MoyoKilroy, PatKinetic, The
King Clam & The Marine BandKing Gizzard And The Lizard WiKings Of Oblivion, The
Kippington LodgeKistenmacher, BerndKlubs, The
KlusterKnifeworldKnight, Curtis
Knowbody Else, TheKohoutekKoobas
Kumari, TheKytesLaflamme, David
Lapis LazuliLard FreeLast, The
Laurel Collective, TheLavaLazarus
Lea Shores, TheLeaf HoundLeague Of Gentlemen, The
Lears, TheLeary, TimothyLeaves
Lee, ArthurLee, FingersLeigh, Andrew
Leisure BirdsLemon Twigs, TheLeo
Les Big ByrdLes IrrésistiblesLes Rallizes Denudes
Let's Eat GrandmaLeviathanLewis, Peter
Liars (Psych)Liberty Bell, TheLift To Experience
Lincoln St. ExitLincoln, PhilamoreLindley, David
Linhart, BuzzListeningLite, The
Little Free RockLittle Phil & The NightshadowsLiving Children
LocomotiveLollipop Shoppe, TheLoons, The
Loose Ends (60s)Loot, TheLos Gatos Negros
Los Mac'sLos York'sLost & Found
LoveLove ChildrenLove Exchange
Love SculptureLoved Ones, TheLover, Al
Lovers, CocoLucid Dream, TheLuck Of Eden Hall, The
Lundsten, RalphLuthaLuv Machine
Lynch, DavidLyons & MaloneMackay, Rabbit
Mackenzie, JudyMaclean, BryanMacleod, Robert
Mad RiverMadder LakeMaerz, Marion
Magic BandMagic CarpetMagic Castles
Magic MixtureMagic MuscleMagic Mushroom Band, The
Magic Roundabout, TheMagnogMahogany (Rock)
Majority, TheMalone, WilMammut (70's)
MamuthonesMandrake Memorial, TheMansions, Mini
Manson, CharlesMansunMarkusfeld, Alain
Marriage, Left-HandedMascots, TheMashmakhan
Mason, NickMassiera, Jean-PierraMaston
Matfield And The PondMaze (US)MCCOOL, FYNN
McCulloch, DannyMcDonald, Country JoeMcDonald, Shelagh
McGough & McGearMcilwaine, EllenMDB
Meehan, KeithMellow CandleMelodien
Melton, BarryMerlin QMerrell And The Exiles
Merrylees, TheMerryweather, NeilMetabolist
Michele - USMickey & The HeartbeatsMicky & Tommy
MIENMike Stuart SpanMilan (60s)
Millenium, TheMills, CrispianMint Tattoo
Miracle Glass CompanyMirror, TheMisunderstood
Moby GrapeModern ArtMojo Men
Mona Lisa (70S)MontageMontgomery, Roy
Mood SixMoon DuoMoondog
Moonflowers, TheMoonkyteMoonlandingz, The
MoonriderMoonstoneMoore, Jeff
Mooseheart Faith S G BandMops, TheMore, Mandy
Morgan MusicMorgenMorning Dew
Morning Glory (US)Morrigan, TheMorris, Gerry
Morris, RussellMotorpsychoMount McKinleys, The
Mourning ReignMouseMouse & The Traps
Moving SidewalksMuMurphey, Tim
Music EmporiumMusic Explosion, TheMustangs, Alien
MutantesMystic BravesMystic Siva
Mystreated, TheNaked SunNatural Acoustic Band
Neighb'rhood Childr'nNelson, TracyNerve (Psych), The
New Formula, TheNew Tweedy Brothers, TheNew York Rock Ensemble, The
Nicely, NickNoble Krell, TheNorman Haines Band, The
Nova Local, TheNovellsOasis (US)
Occasion, TheOccasionally DavidOctopus Syng
OdinOdyssey, TheOggum
Old GoldOn The Seventh DayOn Trial
One In A MillionOneidaOnyx, The
Opal ButterflyOpen Mind, TheOpen Road
OraOrange Alabaster Mushroom, TheOrange Bicycle, The
Orphan EggOrpheusOrwell, Paul
OS MutantesOscillation, TheOse
Other Half, TheOut Of DarknessOZ Magazine
OzoPacific EardrumPaisleys, The
Palace Of Light, ThePanPan (Danish)
Panama Limited Jug BandPapa Bear's Medicine ShowPaper Bubble
Paper Garden, ThePaperhousePar Lindh Project
Parks, TessParlour Band, TheParrett, Michael
Parson Red Heads, ThePatchPatto
PaupersPeanut Butter Conspiracy, ThePearls Before Swine
Pebbles, ThePeep Show, ThePeople (Japan)
People (US)Peppermint Trolley, ThePerfect Children
Perkins, PollyPermanent Clear LightPerrey, Jean-Jacques
Petals (90S), ThePfarmersPhase Five
Picadilly LinePiccadilly CircusPiel De Pueblo
Pinhas, RichardPlastic CloudPlastic Penny
PlasticlandPlayn Jayn, ThePoisoned Electrick Head
PôlePond (00s)Ponder, Sanford
Popera CosmicPopol VuhPopol Vuh (Norwegian)
Popular Pants PeoplePortebello ExplosionPowder [US]
Power Of Beckett, TheProcessionPsychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, The
Psychedelic WarriorsPsychic Ills Psychotic Youth
Pulse, ThePursonPussy
Pussyfoot, ThePuzzle (1960S)Pyramid, The
Quadrant, ThirdQuatrainQuicksilver Messenger Service
Quiet Jungle, TheQuiet WorldQuintessence
Radio LuxembourgRadio Moscow (US)Rain (Psych)
Rainbow FfollyRainy DayRake
RamasesRamblin Johnny Stomach PumpRamsden, Nico
Random HoldRapp, TomRare Amber
Rebecca And The Sunnybrook FarRed Chair FadeawayRed Temple Spirits
Redding, NoelRejoiceRemos Third Ear
Retsiem, BokajRice, Larry 'Sunshine'Rice-Milton, Terry
Riff, NickRitaRobert Lester Folsom
Rockin FooRockin' Vickers, TheRodriguez, Sixto
Roger & WendyRoland, PaulRoom
Rose Garden, TheRugbys, TheRupert's People
Russal, ThaneRustin ManS.C.U.M
Sacred Mushroom, TheSaddar BazaarSaffron Sect, The
SagaSagittariusSaint Steven
Salvation (60s)Samuel ProdySandalwood
Sandoz LimeSands Of TimeSandy Coast
SankofaSapphire ThinkersSarofeen And Smoke
SaturnaliaSauterelles, LesSBB
Screaming Tea PartySea TrainSea-Ders, The
SeagullmenSearch Party, TheSears, Pete
Seclusions, TheSecond HandSecret Square
Segall, TySeldaSendelica
Serfs, TheSexwitchSFF
Shadows Of Knight, TheShake AppealShake!, The
ShangoShankar, AnandaSharp, Martin
SheephouseShepherd, AlfieSheshet
Shiva's HeadbandShoes (Dutch Band), TheShubert
Silber, ArielSilver Apples, TheSimon
SimonesSir Ching ISir Henry (& His Butlers)
Sir Percy QuintetSitar, LordSky Saxon
SkybirdSleepy SunSlick, Grace
Small FacesSmell Of IncenseSmith, Bob
SmokeSmoke (70s)Smoke (US), The
Smyth, GilliSmyth, MordecaiSnakefinger
Sonic JesusSons Of Fred, TheSopwith Camel
Sorgini, GiulianoSorrows, TheSoul Benders, The
Soundcarriers, TheSounds Of ModificationSouthern Fly
Southwest F.O.B.Space Agency, TheSpace Ritual
Space Spectrum, TheSpaceheadSpades, The
Spell (60s)Spiny Anteaters, TheSpiral Sky
Spurious TransientsSquare, ParadiseSRC
St. John GreenSt. Valentine's Day MassacreStaccatos, The
Stained GlassStalk-Forrest Group, TheStanley Steamer
StardriveStaySteppes, The
Stereoscope Jerk ExplosionSteve Colt ParadoxSteve Maxwell Von Braund
StewedStillrovenStirling, Peter Lee
Stokes, SimonStoltz, KelleyStone Circus
Stoned CircusStonedelightStoney & The Jagged Edge
Storm CorrosionStrawberry Alarm ClockStrawberry Jam
StressStrollers, TheStromme, Carol
Studio SixSubArachnoid SpaceSulk
Sullivan, JimSultana, TashSun Dial
Sunday FunniesSundialSunforest
SunlightSuperfine Dandelion, TheSuperfjord
SuperorganismSwedish Death CandySweet Tooth
SweetwaterSylvester Anfang IISyn, The
SynanthesiaSza'vee, CidneyT-H-C Roller
T.P. Orchestre Poly-RythmoTagesTages, The
TakoTamam ShudTame Impala
TamouzTangerine PeelTangerine Zoo, The
Tantalus (Folk)Taylor, DickTea & Symphony
Technical Space Composers CrewTelegramTemples
Ten Foot FacesTerry & The PiratesThe Dragons (US)
The Holy MackerelThe Infinity ProjectThe J. & B.
The Mickey FinnThe People's TempleThe V.I.P.s
The ValentinesTheeThee Image
Thee Oh SeesThelightshinesThings To Come
Third Bardo, TheThird Ear BandThird Rail, The
Thomas, JeffThorinshieldThree Dimensional Tanx
Three O'Clock, TheThree Souls In My MindThree To One
Thunderbeats, TheThyrds, TheTiffany Shade, The
Tintern AbbeyTiny TimToad
Toby TwirlTolman, RussTomorrow Come Someday
Tomorrow's PeopleTonto's Expanding Head BandTopo D. Bil
Touch (60s)TR-5Track Records
Tradewinds (Pop Psych), TheTranceformTranko
TransTreatment (Rock)Trees
Tribe Of CroTripsichordTritons
Tropics, TheTucker, TerryTudor Lodge
Turner, NikTurtle, HenryTuttle, Doug
TwinkUgeUltimate Spinach
Ultra Mates, TheUnauthorised Version, TheUncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Underground All-StarsUnderground Zer0Underneath, The
UnisexUnited States Of America, TheUnited States Of Existence
United States Of Existence TheUnited Travel ServiceUniversal Energy
Unknown Mortal OrchestraUnspoken Word, TheUs And Them
Utopia Strong, TheValenti, DinoValhalla
Various - Prog & PsychVasant RaiVaughan, David
Veloso, CaetanoVelvet UndergroundVelvett Fogg
VesperoVibracathedral OrchestraVibravoid
VictoriaVillageViolet Woods
Visitor 2035Voice Of The Seven WoodsVoomins, The
Voormann, KlausWagner, AdrianWakan, Kan
Warm DustWarm SoundsWaterproof Candle, The
Waters, RogerWe Fell To EarthWe The People
WebWebb, CassellWebcore
Wegmüller, WalterWelles, BillyWendy & Bonnie
Werth, HowardWest Coast Pop Art ExperimentaWest Keith
Wheels Of TimeWhichwhatWhistler, Chaucer, Detroit & G
White FenceWhite HeavenWhite Hills
White Noise SoundWhite SailsWhite, Louisa Jane
WhoWhyte HorsesWicked Whispers, The
Wildbirds & PeacedrumsWilde Flowers, TheWildfire (Psych)
Wilkinson Tri-CycleWillie And The Red Rubber BandWills, Mick
Wimple WinchWind In The Willows, TheWindy & Carl
Witch And The Robot, TheWizards From Kansas, TheWizards Of Twiddly
Wooden O, TheWooden ShjipsWorld Of Oz
WorthlessWovenhandWright, Rick
Writing On The WallWyndrushYak
YardbirdsYellow DaysYellow Payges, The
Yester, JerryYoung Sinclairs, TheYoung Veins, The
Z.O.U.ZacchaeusZager & Evans
Zappa, FrankZiguriZodiac, The
Zone SixZygoat

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