new wave

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(US), Metropolis21 Guns (Ska)45'S, The
AccessAgony ColumnAmazorblades
Arrows (80S), TheAshworth, RichardAttic
Badowski, HenryBlacklock, KelvinBlast Furnace & The Heatwaves
Blazing Apostles, TheBlue WayBogey Boys, The
Bone SymphonyBrainbox (Rock)Briggs, Brian
Brood, HermanBrothers Of CraigBullets
Burns, EddyCamera 3Charge
Chart, TheCheekChildren, Brian's
Cigarettes, TheClass WarClockhouse, The
Cold DanceCollective HorizontalConflict
Cott, GerryCrassCraze
Crazy HouseCry, TheDancing Did, The
Dangerous GirlsDark, JohnDayshift
Deborah And The Puerto RicansDemobDiamond, Dyan
DirtDisco DickDoctor Mix And The Remix
Dodgems, TheDogbones, TheDu Blonde
Effect, DominoEgyptian Hip HopExpressos, The
Fidelity JonesFK9Flowers, Persian
Flux Of Pink IndiansFly On The WallFools, The
FragmentsFrames (Punk), TheFrightwig
Fun 4Gabor, ZorGarner, Gigi
Getting The FearGroup [New Wave], TheHeaven Seventeen
Hostages, TheHot WaterHurley, Bill
ImpulseIn VitroJanette And The Planets
Jayni & The LimitJoe King Carrasco & The CrownsJust Water
Killermeters, TheKissed AirKnobz, The
LanguageLaughing Dogs, TheLes Enfants Terribles
Lone Groover, TheLulaboxLurkers, The
Man KlanMANTON, BOBMarconi, Via
MarineMarsh, NickMatheson, Andrew
Mazda, RichardMiro, SteveModernaires, The
Modest ProposalMonroes, TheNasty Facts
Nervus RexNew MathNobodys, The
Nocturnal EmissionsNova, NancyO'Brien, Michael
Outskirts, ThePack (Punk), TheParanoids, The
Passengers, ThePete Stride & John PlainPhantoms Of The SS
Phones Sportsman Band, ThePlanets, ThePlank, Conny
Poesie NoirePoison GirlspragVEC
Pumphouse GangQEDRadio Active
Random, EricRebekka Frame, TheRed
Red Lorry Yellow LorryReds, TheRentals [70S], The
Roll-UpsRoom 101Rousers, The
Ruin, BlueRyder, KrisSaisse, Philippe
Sallon, PhilipSavage RepublicScabs (70S), The
ScarlettSchaumburg, PalaisSchulz, Purple
Scratch Band, TheScreen 3Secession
Sector 27See You In VegasSeventh Seance
SFTShake Appeal [New Wave]Shoes, Tennis
Shout, TheShrinkShura
Siglo XXSkrewdriverSleeping Lions
Smirks, TheSmith, Jay (Artist)South, April
Spanks, TheSpectres (80'S), TheSpot The Dog
Spot, TheStepasideStiff All-Stars, The
Stroke, TheSuicide, AlgebraSussex
Talkies, TheTall Boys, TheTeddy And The Frat Girls
TeenbeatsThe DugitesThe K9's
The UnwantedThe War On DrugsThieves, Scary
Throat, RubyTour De Force (80s)TRST
Tudors, TheUropa LulaVendino Pact
Violent BlueViolet EvesWagon, Chuck
Wasps, TheWaybill, FeeWhite China
White, JamesWilliamson, JamesWindows (DIY)
WipeoutWobblesoxWolf & Wolf
Zanti MisfitzZero ZeroZeros (UK), The