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'B' Girls, The(Damn) This Desert Air(DIY), Grinder
(PUNK), Anthrax(Punk), Beans... And The Hangnails
[Japan], Crow[Punk], Interiors[Punk], Shock
1, Part101'ers180, JJ
1984, A.D.1st Offence2-3
3244, Channel4-SKINS
47, Mob7 Seconds7 Year Bitch
999A Giant DogA Secret Society
A Skylit DriveA's, TheA.K.A.s, The
Abe VigodaAbove ThemAbrasive Wheels
Abs, TheAbscessAbwärts
Academy Is..., TheAccessAces, The (80s)
Ackermans, TheAcme AttractionsActifed
Action PactActual, TheAdam & The Ants
AdictsAdolescentsAdult Net
Adventures [Emo]AdversityAdverts, The
AfflictedAfrika Korps, TheAfterparty, The
Against Me!Age Of KaliAgent Orange
AgitpopAgnostic FrontAgony Bag
Agony, InstantAgoraphobic NosebleedAirmail
AJJAlbertine, VivAlcoa
Alice DonutAlice, WolfAll
All Pigs Must DieAlley Cats, TheAlmighty Defenders, The
Alpha & OmegaAlpha Male Tea PartyAltered Sky
AlternativeAlternative TentaclesAlternators, The
AmbitionsAmerican Ruse, TheAmerican Scene, The
Amity Affliction, TheAmyl And The SniffersAnd The Native Hipsters
Andrews, BarryAndy Human And The ReptoidsAngelic Upstarts
Angels, FallenAngry MindedAngry Samoans
AnhrefnAnother Pretty FaceAnt, Adam
Anthrax (UK)Anti-CimexAnti-establishment
Anti-FlagAnti-Nowhere LeagueAnti-Pasti
AntisectAntiseenAnxiety, Annie
Apostles (Punk), TheArbor Labor UnionArchie & The Bunkers
ArchitectsArcwelderArmoury Show, The
Arms, CrazyArt Attacks, TheArthurs, Andy
Article 58As Everything UnfoldsAs Friends Rust
As It IsAscended DeadAsphalt Jungle
Asta KaskAstpaiAstroid Boys
Astronauts, The (Punk)AsylumAtlantic Thrills
Atoms, TheAttack In BlackAttempted Moustache
AttrixAu PairsAustralian Crawl
AutomaticsAvant GardenerAvant Gardeners, The
Avengers, TheAvocados, TheAwaken Demons
AxewoundB.S.Bad Brains
Bad BreedingBad CaesarBad Cop/Bad Cop
Bad DaddiesBad Dress SenseBad Karma Beckons
Badowski, HenryBags (Punk), TheBalance And Composure
Baloney HeadsBand Of Holy JoyBane
Bane, HoneyBanger, EdBangers
Banned, TheBarbed WireBarber, Frank
BarfliesBargy, ArgyBaroness
Barrett, Wild WillyBastards, TheBastions
BatesBators, StivBattalion Of Saints
BaysideBeach SlangBeans On Toast
BearsBears, TheBeartooth
BeastBeastmilkBeats, Dead
Bedrin Daddys, TheBee Bee CeeBeer, Mark
Being As An OceanBent LifeBerthold City
Bet Lynch's LegsBeth, JehnnyBetter Than A Thousand
Big Audio DynamiteBig BraveBig Business
Big HairBIG HeatBig In Japan
Bill Mason BandBilly Karloff BandBinboy
Bitter EndBitter End (Hardcore)Bizarros, The
Bl'astBl'ast!Black Eyes
Black FlagBlack Pacific, TheBlack Peaks
Black RandyBlack TuskBlacklight Chameleons
Blackout Argument, TheBlade, AndyBlanck Mass
Blassie, FreddieBlatzBlazing Eye
BleachedBleak RealityBled, The
Blegvad, PeterBlind Idiot GodBlinders, The
BlitzBlitzkriegBlockheads, The
BlondieBlood Brothers (Rock)Blood Uncles
Blood, TheBlubberBlue Ontario, The
Blue SteamBluntBlunt Instrument
Blyth PowerBoa, Phillip & The Voodoo ClubBob Tilton
Bob VylanBobby PeruBöhn Legion
BoisterousBollock Brothers, TheBolsheviks, The
Bombpops, TheBombshells, TheBond, PJ
Bondage, BekiBoneless Ones, TheBoomtown Rats, The
BotchBow Wow WowBoys, Big
Boys, The (Punk)Brainbox (Rock)Bram Tchaikovsky
BrambillaBratmobileBrats, The
Break AwayBreakdownBreaking Point
Brenda & The RattlesnakesBrian BrainBrigandage
Bright Calm BlueBrixBroadway Calls
BroccoliBroken BonesBroken Teeth
Brood, HermanBrotherhood Of The LakeBrutality Will Prevail
Buck-O-NineBullyBunk Dogger
BunnydrumsBurnel, Jean JacquesBush Tetras
Business (Power Pop), TheBusiness, TheButler, Richard
BuzzcocksCabbageCadaveric Fumes
Cadillac, VinceCall Girls, TheCamber
Camera Obscura (Punk)Cancer BatsCanis Major
Captain SensibleCarbon / SiliconCarnation
Caroline KCarpettes, TheCarrasco, Joe "King"
Carrion SpringCarson WellsCash Pussies
Casket Lottery, TheCasualties, CapitalistCasualties, The
Catheters, TheCBICease To Exist
Celebrity SkinCeleste (Metal)Celia & The Mutations
CenturiesCeramic HobsCerebral Ballzy
Cervenka, ExeneChain GangChalk Circle
ChamberlainChanged, ShortChannel 3
Channel ThreeChaos U.K.Chaotic Dischord
ChargeChariot, TheCharta 77
Chats, TheCheetah ChromeChelsea
Chemical PeopleCherry VanillaChildren Of Fall
Children, DoomsChin-ChinChina Street
ChocolateChorchazadeChrist On Parade
Christie Front DriveChthe'ilistChubby And The Gang
ChumleyChumps, TheChunk! No, Captain Chunk
Church GirlsCigarettes, TheCinch, The
CinecydeCirca SurviveCircuits
Circus In ReverseCity Of CaterpillarClairmel
ClashClash, JohnnyClass War
Classics, MinorCloakroomClub, Hot
ClutchCobra StarshipCockney Rejects
Code OrangeCoffin RotCoffins
Coke BustCold DanceCold World
Colt SeaverCombat 84Comets On Fire
Comidas, ChinaCommendablesComputers, The
ConflictConstrictedCooper Clarke, John
Cornwell, HughCorpse Grinders (Punk)Correction
Cortinas, TheCorvettes, TheCosmic Psychos
Cosmic ThoughtsCostello, ElvisCouch Flambeau
Counterfeit.CounterpartsCounty Wayne & Electric Chairs
County, JayneCoward BrothersCowboy Killers
CowsCrack, TheCrackousrockanroll
Craft (Metal)Cramps, TheCrass
Crazy ArmCrazy Pink RevolversCreatures, The
Creep ShowCreeperCretin
CrimeCrime In StereoCrisis
Crisis, RealityCristinaCro-Mags
Crocodile TearsCross MeCross My Heart
Crow PeopleCrucifixCrucifucks, The
Cruel HandCruella De VilleCrux
Cuddly ToysCulbertson, CliveCult Leader
Cult Maniax, TheCultureCulture Shock
CursiveCut-Outs, TheCute Is What We Aim For
CyanideCyanide PillsCybermen, The
D.R.IDad PunchersDag Nasty
Dahl Band, JeffDakka Dakka DakkaDalek I
Damage (Punk)DamnedDance, Digital
DangersDansette DamageDark Ages
Dark, TheDarkest HourDaughters
Dave Warner's From The SuburbsDavid & SylvainDay Of The Dead
Dazzlers, TheDazzling KillmenDead Beats (Punk)
Dead BoysDead ChannelsDead Cross
Dead End KidsDead Fingers TalkDead Kennedys
Dead Mans ShadowDead Milkmen, TheDead Neighbours
Dead reckoningDead Red SeaDead Styler
Dead SwansDeadbeats, TheDeadheads
DeadlineDeaf Aids, TheDeaf Wish
Dear Hunter, TheDeath By StereoDeath Is Not Glamorous
Death PillDeath Set, TheDecadent Few
DecapitatedDecay, MetroDeeCracks
Deep ThroatsDeez NutsDefeater
Defects, TheDeformities, GenitalDelta 72, The
Delta FiveDemics, TheDemob
Demon PreacherDenizensDepartment S
DepravedDepressions, TheDer Durstige Mann
Derelicts, TheDescendentsDescription, Beyond
Desperate Bicycles, TheDestri, DonnaDestroy All Monsters
Destruction UnitDestructorsDeviants, The
Deviated InstinctDevil Makes Three, TheDevil Wears Prada, The
DeVille, WillyDevils BrigadeDevo
Dials, TheDiamond YouthDickies
DicksDie ÄRzteDie Electric Eels
Die Roten RosenDie Toten HosenDiet Of Worms
Diggle, Steve`DiivDils, The
DiodesDiodes, TheDirt
Dirtbombs, TheDirty DogDiscard
Disco Bros, TheDisco Zombies, TheDisgust
DissentDisturbed [70s]Divine Horsemen
DivisiaDMDDoctor And The Crippens
Doctor BisonDoctor Mix And The RemixDoctors Of Madness
Dodgems, TheDog Faced HermansDog On A Rope
DogsDole, TheDoll, The
Dolly MixtureDonkeys, TheDoom
DoomridersDoor And The Window, TheDormannu
Dowling PooleDown By LawDownset
Downtown BoysDP's, TheDragons (French Punk)
Dream (80S), TheDreamboys, TheDreamcrash
DressmakerDrinking ElectricityDrones
DronesDropendDropkick Murphys
Drug ChurchDrug Squad, TheDu Blonde
Du$t, AngelDub WarDucking Punches
DudmanDuet EmmoDuggie Briggs Band, The
Dukes Of Stratosphear, TheDungenDurutti Column, The
Dury, IanDyke DramaEagulls
Early GraceEarth CrisisEarthbound (Prog)
East Bay RayEaster, BlackEater
EclipseEddie And The Hot RodsEffect, Domino
Ego TripEight Rounds RapidEksen Trick Brick Band
Electric CallboyElectric DoghouseElectric Eels, The
Electro HippiesElemaeElement Of Crime, The
ElliottElton MotelloEmbrace (Punk)
Embrace, InEmpire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)Employed To Serve
EnablerENDEnemy (80S/Punk), The
English BoysEnglish DogsEngrave
Enoch ArdonEnsignEpileptics, The
ErazerheadErnst And The Edsholm RebelsERRA
ErsatzEscalators, TheEskorbuto
Eve 6Evening Outs, TheEvens, The
Evolution So FarEx PistolsEx Post Facto
Ex, TheExcruciationExecute, The
Executive SlacksExecutivesExile, The
Exits, TheExpelled, TheExpendables, The
ExpireExploding SeagullsExploding White Mice
Exploited, TheExplosion, TheExplosives, The
Exquisites, TheExtreme Noise TerrorExtremity
Eyes (Punk)F.O.BFace The Front
Face To Face (90s Rock)Faceless BurialFailsafe For Tomorrow
FallFallen Leaves, TheFallout
Fans (UK), TheFans, TheFarside
Fartz, TheFascinatorsFashion, The
Fat And FranticFat White FamilyFatal Charm, The
Fatal MicrobesFatty Cakes & Puff PastriesFavez
FearFearless Iranians From HellFeedtime
Ferris, SaveFeverdreamFiddlehead
Fidelity JonesFidlarFifth Column
Fifth Hour HeroFight, TheFilth Is Eternal
Final RageFiner, JemFinger
Finks, TightFire & IceFire Dept., The
Fire PartyFire Still Burns, TheFirst Steps, The
FishwifeFist CityFits, The
Fitz Of DepressionFitzgerald, PatrikFiya
Flag Of ConvenienceFlashcubes, TheFlat Worms
Flatbackers, TheFlatliners, TheFlesh Eaters The
FlipperFlowers In The DustbinFlowers, Persian
FlufFlux Of Pink IndiansFly On The Wall
Flyin' Spiderz, TheFlysFlyscreen
FlyswatterFocused MindsFodder, Family
Foetus (+incarnations of)Foffo SpearjigFold, The
Fontaines D.C.For Carnation, TheForced Order
Forever Came CallingForever The Sickest KidsFORGODSAKE
Form, TheFour Be TwoFour Year Strong
Frail BodyFramedFrames (Punk), The
FrameworksFrank Carter & The RattlesnakeFrank, Stanley
Frankenstein Drag Queens...Franklin LakesFrantic Elevators, The
Free AgentsFree French, TheFree Will
FreedomFreewillFreeze (Punk), The
Freeze (UK), TheFreeze, TheFrenzy (Pop)
Freshes, TheFreshies, TheFriction
FrightwigFrontFront Bottoms, The
FrontlineFruit Eating Bears, TheFrumpies, The
Fucked And BoundFucked UpFull Of Hell
Fun 4Funeral PartyFuries, Fulham
FuryFutura 2000Future Bodies
Galen & PaulGallery 47Gallows
Gang Of FourGardez DarkxGastunk
GateGauzeGeldof, Bob
GemageGen, ChronGeneration X
Genius FreakGenocide PactGeraldine Fibbers
Germs, TheGerry & The HologramsGG Allin & The Scumfucs
Ghost Inside, TheGhost Of Lemora, TheGhost, Hola
GiantkillerGibson BrosGilbert & Lewis
Gilbert, BruceGinn, GregGirl Band
Girl Of My Best FriendGirlpoolGirls At Our Best
Gits, TheGlass And AshesGlass Torpedoes
Glass TorpedosGloomGnarwolves
Goats Of DoomGODGod's Heart Attack
Going OffGoing RedGoing Red?
Gold BladeGolden TriangleGoldman, Vivien
Golinski Brothers, TheGonads, TheGone
Gone To WasteGood Clean FunGood Missionaries, The
Goodman, Dave & FriendsGordon The MoronGore Beyond Necropsy
Gorilla BiscuitsGorillas, TheGospel
Gouge AwayGovernment IssueGrave, Unholy
GravelGreat American GhostGreat Cynics
Greenfield,Dave & J.J. BurnelGreyhavenGrief Tourist
Grinder, ScrotumGrit, TheGruppo Sportivo
Guided By VoicesGundog,Mighty Mr MenGuns For Hire
Gunslingers, TheGutlessGuttersnipes, The
GuzzardGymslips, TheH2O
Hagar The WombHagen, NinaHaggard Cat
Hair, TheHalf JapaneseHammer, Claw
HandgunsHank IIIHannaway, Frank & Barclay, Mic
Happy Ever AfterHard LeftHardside
HarkerHarms WayHarper, Charlie
Hause, DaveHaustHavana 3am
Have HeartHave MercyHawks And Doves
He SaidHead, TheHeadache (Punk)
Headon, TopperHeartbeats, TheHeartless
Heaven In Her ArmsHeavy PukeHeiress
HeirophantHell, Richard & VoidoidsHello!, Hey!
HelplessHer Only PresenceHeresy
HeroinHesitation WoundsHessian
Hidden In Plain ViewHigher, TheHighliners, The
Higsons, TheHindsightsHIRS
Hit The LightsHitmakers, TheHoax, The
Holiday, KillHolly And The ItaliansHoly Rollers
Homeless Gospel Choir, TheHonour Among ThievesHoolapopper
Hoot McKlootHope Conspiracy, TheHorrorcomic
Horse The BandHorsell CommonHostilities
Hot CrossHot WaterHotelier, The
HoundsHoward DevotoHuman Eye
HumanifestoHummingbird Of DeathHumpers, The
HundredthHunter GathererHunters Club, The
Hussey, WayneHXXSHyena Kill, The
HystericsI Hate MyselfI Jog & The Tracksuits
I PrevailI'm So HollowI.R., Kurbits
IceburnIcon For HireIcons Of Filth
Idle FlowersIdol, BillyIdols, The (Jerry Nolan)
Iggy PopIgnerents, TheIgor's Night Off
Imperial Pompadours, TheIncendiaryIncredible Kidda Band, The
Indian Summer (Punk)Infa RiotInfest
IngrownInk & DaggerInmates, The
Inner City UnitInsect WarfareInside Out
IntegrityIntelligence, TheIntense Degree
International Swingers, TheInto AnotherIntruder, Masked
Invaders, The (Punk)Isotope SoapIssues
Ivy League TXJJack Off Jill
JACKSUN, TONYJacnoJah Wobble
Jailcell RecipesJam TheJames Chance & The Contortions
James Cleaver Quintet, TheJames, BrianJane Aire & The Belvederes
JapandroidsJawbreakerJaya The Cat
JejuneJellyroll Rockheads, TheJerks
Jerks, CircleJermz, TheJesse James
Jesus Christ Super FlyJesus PieceJet Boys, The
Jet Bronx & The ForbiddenJets (Punk), TheJezebelle
Jilted JohnJimmy And The BoysJimmy Edwards And The Profile
Jobson, RichardJoe 9T And The ThunderbirdsJoe Cool And The Killers
Joe, JanitorJohansen, DavidJohn The Postman
Johnny And The Self AbusersJohnny Curious & The StrangersJohnny Thunders Heartbreakers
Joie De VivreJoltJolt
Jon Cougar Concentration CampJones, JanieJones, Steve
Josef KJoshua (US)Josie, Cotton
Joyce ManorJoyce McKinney ExperienceJoyryde
Jr EwingJuice (Pop Punk)Jump, The
JunctionJune PaikJunior
JuntessJust Measurers, TheJustice (Punk)
KaaosKaddishKadet, Terveet
Kamikaze Sex Pilots, TheKaospilotKatastrofialue
Kerekes, MatKevin Short And His PrivatesKickstarts
Kid DynamiteKid KapichiKids In The Kitchen
Kids, Jerry'sKids, TheKidz Next Door
Kilburn & The High RoadsKill Your IdolsKilled By The Bull
Killer DreamerKillermeters, TheKilling Joke
Killing TimeKilljoys, TheKilowatt, Kid
King Blues, TheKing Snake RoostKing, Don
KingpinKinison, TheKissed Air
KleenexKlingonzKnocked Loose
KnoxKnox, ChrisKnuckle Puck
KnuckledustKohti TuhoaKoji
Kolonna, ViimeinenKongKoreans, The
KortatuKramer, WayneKreuzen, Die
KrunkKrypton TunesL Voag
L.O.K.La Crème, CathyLa Peste
La PlebeLagwagonLakes
LandscapesLane, FredLard
Larks, TheLast Drive, TheLast Rites
Last WitnessLast Words, TheLatterman
Le RitzLeague, MajorLeatherface
LeechedLeft AloneLeft Hand Drive
Legacy Of LiesLegion HallLegionnaire, Young
Lemons, TheLemuriaLeon, Craig
Leonard, KiranLes Enfants TerriblesLess Than Jake
Letters Organize, TheLevene, KeithLew Lewis Reformer
Lewd, TheLeyton Buzzards, TheLiberty
Licks (Punk), TheLife At These SpeedsLife Like
Life SentenceLifesickLifetime (90s)
Lightning RaidersLigotageLike Pacific
LiliputLimit (70s), TheLinda And The Dark
Lipstique, RedLizardLlaethog, Llwybr
LoatheLocal OperatorLockjaw
LondonLonely The BraveLong Cold Stare
Long Tall ShortyLook Back And LaughLOOM
Lords Of Altamont, TheLords Of The New Church, TheLos Gusanos
Lost CherreesLost Patrol Band, TheLounge Lizards, The
Love Spit LoveLove, BurningLovemongers
LoveslugLowe, NickLoyalties, The
LuicidalLulu, TeasingLunachicks
Lunatics Without Skateboards ILurkers, TheLuxuria
Lwin, AnnabellaLydon, JohnM.D.C.
Macabra, ForçaMacc LadsMacGowan, Shane
Machine Gun KellyMachinesMacManus Gang
Mad DaddysMadballMagazine
Magic MichaelMaid Of AceMajor Accident
Majority Of OneMake Do And MendMake War
Make-Up, TheMakerMAL-ONE
MaleMama TickMammoth Grinder
Man OverboardMan RazeManeaters
Manufactured RomanceMarch Of AngerMarginal Man
Marie Et Les GarconsMarky Ramone & The IntrudersMars
Martian Dance Martin And The BrownshirtsMartini Henry Rifles, The
Mass (Punk)Matches, TheMatlock, Glen
Matter, GrayMatthew Sawyer And The GhostsMax Splodge
Maximum Effect, TheMcDonald, JockMcLaren, Malcolm
MDCMe First And The Gimme GimmesMeatfly
Meathooks, TheMeet Me At The PubMeices, The
MembranesMen (Punk)Men (US), The
MenaceMenzingers, TheMercury Program, The
Mercy Seat, TheMerry Widows, TheeMest
Metal UrbainMetalik, BananeMetz
Mi-SexMiddle Class, TheMidnight Men
Midnite CruiserMidoriMidtown
MielenhäiriöMighty Ballistics Hi-PowerMighty Caesars, Thee
Mildred And The MiceMilk Monitors, TheMilk Teeth
MillencolinMiller, LarryMilton, Ted
Mind, IronMindless Self IndulgenceMinor Threat
MirrorsMirrors (UK Punk), TheMisanthropic
MisfitsMiss VincentMob (Punk), The
Mob ResearchModel, NewModels (Punk)
Modern BaseballModern EonMolesters, The
MollestersMoltenMongol Horde
Mongoloids, TheMonks, TheMono Men
Monochrome Set, TheMonotonyMonth Of Sundays
Moondogs, TheMoonlizardsMoose Blood
Moped, JohnnyMorality, NewMore Than Life
Motors, TheMouth [Punk]Move
Moving Jelly Brothers, TheMPsMumps
Muncie GirlsMurder Inc [Oi!]Murderburgers, The
Murphy's LawMurray, PaulineMutants
Mutants, TheMutationMute
MXPXMy So Called LifeMystery Dates
Mystery Girls, TheMyteriNails
Naked RaygunNancy Sesay And The MelodairesNapalm Stars
Nariz, WazmoNasty FactsNatchband
Nations AfireNautycultureNaz Nomad & The Nightmares
Neck DeepNegazioneNeo
Neo ConsNeonNeon Christ
Neon HeartsNerds, TheNerf Herder
NervebreakersNerves (UK), TheNerves, The
Nervous EatersNervusNeurosis
NeverstoreNew CrossNew Math
New Musical ExpressNew Order, TheNew York Blondes, The
New York DollsNewman, ColinNewtown Neurotics
Nice And EasyNicky & The DotsNile, Willie
Ninja High SchoolNipple ErectorsNips
NitsNits, TheNixon, Mojo
No BabiesNo ChoiceNo Devotion
No For An AnswerNo Future?No Sweat (Clive Culbertson)
No Use For A NameNoFXNomeansno
NonesNoose RotNosebleeds, The
NotsNotsensiblesNova, Paul
November Coming FireNow, TheNoxious
Null & VoidNuns, TheNurse With Wound
O LevelO'Connor, HazelO'Sullivan, Daniel
O.ChildrenOathbreakerObey The Brave
Ocean, HumphreyOctober, GeneOf Mice & Men
Off With Their HeadsOfficial Secrets, TheOi Polloi
OizoneOkkultokrati Old Man Gloom
Omega TribeOne Lady OwnerOne Way System
OnelinedrawingOnly OnesOnly, Jerry
Open BookOperation IvyOpus Dead
Orwells, TheOtway & BarrettOuida & The Numbers
OutcastsOutsiders (Punk), TheOverexposure
Overlord (Punk)Owls, FewerOxy And The Morons
Pack, The (Punk)Pagans, ThePalisades
Palm ReaderPansy DivisionParamedic Squad, The
Parasites, ThePariahParkinsons, The
Parquet CourtsPartisans, ThePassengers, The
Pathetix, ThePavilion, PercyPayola$
Pearl HarbourPecadores, LosPenetration
Penetration MoonPenetrators (Punk), ThePenny Rimbaud & Youth
Pere UbuPerforming Ferret BandPerikato
Period PainsPerrett, PeterPerry, Mark
Pete Stride & John PlainPeter & The Test Tube BabiesPetrification
Phantom ChordsPhantoms Of The SSPhillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals
PhotogenixPhotos, ThePhysicals
Pianos Become The TeethPiebaldPierce The Veil
PigPig DestroyerPigbros
Pigs, ThePinhead GunpowderPink Industry
Pink TeensPinns, SuziPissed Jeans
Plague, ThePlain White T'sPlasmatics
Plastic Flies, ThePlastic SurgeryPlayground
PleasersPlimsouls, ThePlugs, The
PoguesPoison GirlsPoison Idea
Polar Bear ClubPolaris (Metal)Ponys, The
Pooh SticksPop Group, thePop Rivets, The
PopdefectPorkPork Dukes, The
Portrayal Of GuiltPositive SignalsPower Trip
PowerspacePowertripPrag Vec
pragVECPrats, ThePretty Boy Floyd (Punk)
Pride Of The CrossPrimitive CalculatorsPriscillas, The
Professionals, TheProlesPropagandhi
Prophets, FalseProtafieldProtex
ProtomartyrPseudo ExistorsPSI Com
Psychedelic Furs, ThePsycho SurgeonsPsychotic Youth
Psykik VoltsPujolPukes, The
PupPure HellPure Rubbish
Purple HelmetsPursey, JimmyPush To Fire
Pussy, NashvillePVC2PWR BTTM
PX, LondonQuadrajets, TheQuality Drivel
QuarantineQueers, TheQueers, The
QuestionsRabidRadar Eyes
Radiators From Space, TheRadical Dance FactionRadio Active
Radio StarsRadkeyRaein
Rage, TheRaised FistRamainz The
Ramblin Johnny Stomach PumpRambow, PhilipRamone, Dee Dee
Ramone, JoeyRamonesRampage, Randy
Random, EricRandomsRank And File
RaooulRapedRaptor, Max
Rapture, DioRat CageRatos De Porao
RattusRaydios, TheRays, Sugar
Reading Festival, TheReagan YouthReal Friends
Real Kids, TheRealists, TheReasons, Toxic
Rebekka Frame, TheRecord Players, TheRed Alert
Red Alert (Oi! Band)Red BeatRed Rockers
Redemption 87RedskinsRefused
Regents, TheReid, JamieReign Supreme
Reilly, ViniRelatives TheRelief
Reps, TheResistanceResistance 77
Resort, LastRest In PiecesRev, Martin
RevelonsReverend And The MakersReverend Horton Heat
Revillos, TheRevl9nRex Barker And The Ricochets
Rex ChainbeltRezillos, TheRich Kids On LSD
Rich RagsRiff Raff (Punk)Rights Of The Accused
RiistetytRings, TheRingworm
RipcordRise From The DeadRise, The
Riskee And The RidiculeRival Mob, TheRivals, The
Rivvits, TheRoad To KansasRochdale Fairies, The
Rock, MickRocket From The TombsRocket Summer, The
RockpileRockstar, FailingRocky Votolato
RodanRomeo VoidRosa Valle
Roses Are RedRotters, TheRotting Out
Rough HandsRousers, TheRövsvett
Rowdies, TheRubbish, JonnyRubella Ballet
Rubella, KyraRude AwakeningRude Kids, The
Runts, TheRuptureRussians, The
Russo, SamRuts D.C.Ruts, The
RX BanditsRydellS'Haters, The
S.C.U.MS.S.S.PSaccharine Trust
Sad SocietySaetiaSaint Agnes
Saints, TheSalad From AtlantisSalford Jets
Sally SkullSalmon, KimSalt
SamiamSamples, TheSatan's Rats
Saturday Morning PicturesSauna YouthSavages
Scabies, ratScabs (70S), TheScars
Schoolgirl BitchSchternScientists
Scissor FitsScissorfightScott, Jeff & Marc, Josef
ScreamScreamin' SirensScreaming Dead
Screeching WeaselSearch, SoulSecond Coming, The (80s)
SectSect, TheSector 27
Sed Non SatiataSeize, TheSensible Gray Cells
Seperation, TheSeptic DeathSerious Drinking
Set Your GoalsSetting The Woods On FireSettle Your Scores
Sewer RatsSex BeatlesSex Pistols
ShakeShake!, TheShakes, Funeral
Sham 69Shapes, TheSharkey, Feargal
Sheer TerrorShelley, PeteShelter
Shield Your EyesShirts, TheShlönk!
Shoes, TennisShooting DaggersShopping
Shout, TheShow Me The BodyShuttleworth, John
ShvpesSick JoySick Of It All
Sick Things, TheSickidz!Sideshow
SiegeSievey, ChrisSightless Pit
Siglo XXSign Of HopeSilent Front
SilkwormSingers & PlayersSinister Ducks
SinkSinolaSinyx, The
Siouxsie & The BansheesSisterSister Double Happiness
SisteraySiviilimurhaSix Minute War
SkegssSkewbald / Grand UnionSki Patrol
SkidsSkink, CrocodileSkinny Lister
Skodas, TheSkrapyardSkrewdriver
Skull, LiveSkunksSlammin' Watusis
Slaughter & The DogsSlaughter Beach, DogSlaves (UK Band)
Slaves (US)Sleepers, TheSleeping With Sirens
Slim Cessna's Auto ClubSlimeSlime (German Punk)
Slingshot DakotaSlits, TheSlush
Sly, TonySmall Brown BikeSmirks, The
Smith Street Band, TheSmith, Jay (Artist)Smith, Mark E
Smith, PattiSmith, TVSnakefinger
SNFUSnipers, TheSnivelling Shits, The
Snodgrass, JonSo Much HateSobut
Social DistortionSocial DistortionSods (Danish)
Sods, TheSofa HeadSoft Pack, The
Softies, TheSome Chicken Sona Fariq
Sonic Disruption TheorySore Throat (Rock)Sorority Noise
Soul On IceSoundSound Of The Baskerville, The
Spaceships, BostonSpanish Love SongsSpanks, The
SpazzSpeak 714Spear Of Destiny
Special DutiesSpectral VoiceSpectres (80'S), The
Speed (Punk)SpeedometorsSpermbirds
SpielbergsSpitfire (US)Spitfire Boys
SpizzSplit LipSplodgenessabounds
Spook School, TheSpring, LandmineSpys (UK)
SquadSquare MealSquarewell
SquidSt., HazenStabilisers, The
StagnationStalin, TheStand GT, The
Star Fucking HipstersStar StarStarjets
StarkweathersStarmarketStarvation Army
State ChampsState Of AlertStatic Routines
Steding, WalterStepStereotypes, The
Steve Conte & The Crazy TruthSteven SeverinStevens, Steve
Stewart, MarkStick To Your GunsStick Together
Stiff Little FingersStiffedStill Life
StimulatorsStitchStitched-Back Foot Airman
Stoat, TheStokoeStone By Stone
Stooges, TheStoopid, SlightlyStopouts, The
StormtrooperStory So Far, TheStraight Arrows
Strange MovementsStrange PlanesStrangeways!
STRANGLStranglersStraps, The
Strawberry SlaughterhouseStrifeStrikniën D.C.
Strummer, JoeStrutterStukas
Stupids, TheStyrene PolyStyrenes, The
SubhumansSubsSubtitles, English
Suburban StudsSubway SectSubway Sect, The
SuicideSuicide Commandos, TheSuicide Machines, The
Suicide SilenceSummer Obsession, TheSupergenius
SuperstitionSupertonicSurprises, The
SurvivalSurvival KnifeSwankys
Sweat, TheSweet TeethSworn Enemy
Sworn InSylvain SylvainSymposium
System (Punk), TheT.C. MaticT.S.O.L.
TaakeTable ScrapsTable, The
TakaruTake OffenseTake, The
Tales OF TerrorTanz Der YouthTargets, Moving
Tea Set, TheTeardrop Explodes, TheTeardrops, The
Tearjerkers, TheTeddy And The Frat GirlsTeenage Cool Kids
TelescreenTelevisionTelevision Personalities
Tempest, TheTemple, JulienTempleton Pek
Ten Foot PoleTenpole TudorTerminals, The
TerminusTexas Instruments, TheTexas Is The Reason
Thatcher On AcidThe AlarmThe Bomb Party
The ColonelThe Deadwood DevineThe Fast
The FlexTHE GISTThe Greedies
The ImposterThe K9'sThe Last Resort
The Ripchords (Punk)The Set UpThe Shivering
The StiffsThe SwarmThe Transmitters
The UnwantedThe War On DrugsTheatre Of Hate
Thee Michelle Gun ElephantThee StashThelonious Monster
Them, TrapTheoretical GirlsThink I Care
Thirty Six StrategiesThirty3This Routine Is Hell
This Time Next YearTHISCITYISOURSThisclose
Those Naughty LumpsThought Police, TheThreat, Sow
Three Wise MenThroatsThrust
ThumbThunderbitchTickets, The
TidalTights, TheTime UK
TimelostTimezoneTin Huey
Tiny Masters Of TodayTitle FightTits
Tokyo Sex DestructionTomahawkTomorrow [US Punk]
Tone Deaf & The IdiotsToo MuchTorch Runner
TorcheTotal BabesTotally Outta Hand Band, The
Totem SkinTotuusTours, The
Toy Dolls, The (70s)ToyahTrainspotters, The
TranslatorTrapped Under IceTrash (Punk)
Trash BoatTrash County DominatorsTrash Groove Girls
TraxTreatment (Rock)Treatment, Steve
Trend, NegativeTrophy EyesTrotsky Icepick
True Life ConfessionsTrue NorthTubes
TupamarosTurning Point Turnover
TV CrimeTwelve Hour TurnTyla Gang
Tyler, WatTymon Dogg & The DacoitsU Thant
U TurnU.B.R.U.K. Subs
U.S. ApeU.V. PopUK Decay
UlcerrhoeaUltra ViolentUltramantis Black
UndeadUndead, TheUnderdog
UndertonesUnearthUnited Nations (Punk)
Units, TheUproarUrge, The
Urinals, TheUrlaub, FarinUSA Nails
Users, TheUXBV.I.P.'s
V2Vagtazo HalottkemekValves, The
Vamps, TheVandals, TheVapors, The
Various - Punk & New WaveVarukers, TheVega, Alan
Vena CavaVenom P. StingerVenus And The Razorblades
Venus, CommanderVerlaine, TomVerse
Vertebrats, TheVexVHK (Galloping Coroners)
VibratorsVice Creems, TheVice Squad
Vicious White Kids, TheVicious, SidVictim
VictimizeVictims FamilyVictims, The
Video (Punk)Video VillainViletones
Vincent, SonnyViolation WoundViolators
Violators, TheViolet EvesVirgin
Virus (Punk)Visions Of ChangeVisitors, The
Viva L'American Death Ray MusiVoices, TheVon Sudenfed
Von Trap Family, TheVoodoo Glow SkullsVultures (Dutch), The
Wagon, ChuckWaltons, TheeWar Charge
WarheadWarm GunWarmduscher
Warriors (Dub), TheWarriors (Punk), TheWarsaw Pakt
Washdown, TheWasps, TheWasted Shirt
Wasted Youth (US Hardcore PunkWatt, MikeWAX HEROES
Way, GerardWaybill, FeeWe Are Going To Eat You
We Bless This MessWe Came From WolvesWe Were Sharks
Wee Cherubs, TheWeedeaterWeird War
Weirdos, TheWestern HysteriaWestwood, Vivenne
What Price, Wonderland?What To WearWhile She Sleeps
White FlagWhite LungWhite, James
Who Moved The Ground?Whores.Williamson, James
Windows (DIY)Winter Passing, TheWipers
Wipers, TheWireWitch Fever
Witch VomitWith HonorWolf Down
WolfbrigadeWolfmen, TheWonder Years, The
Wonk UnitWordbugWorld Is A Beautiful Place, The
World WearyWorn OutWorship, Sun
WrathchildWreckless EricWrist, Teenage
XX (Australian)X Certificate
X-Ray SpexX-Rays, TheX.S. Energy
XTCXtractXtreme, The
Y Trwynau CochYaphet KottoYDI
YigyuzeYobs, TheYou Blew It!
You Slut!Young And In The WayYoung Governor
Young Rochelles, TheYour DemiseYouth Of Today
Yr AnhrefnZanti MisfitzZebrahead
Zeltinger BandZero BoysZeros (UK), The
Zig ZagsZimtZippers, The

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