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'B' Girls, The
(Damn) This Desert Air(Punk), Beans101'ers
2-34, Channel4-SKINS
5 Seconds Of Summer7 Year Bitch999
A Secret SocietyA Skylit DriveA's, The
A.K.A.s, TheAbe VigodaAbove Them
Abrasive WheelsAbs, TheAcademy Is..., The
AccessAces, TheAckermans, The
Action PactActual, TheAdam & The Ants
Afrika Korps, TheAfterparty, TheAgainst Me!
Agent OrangeAgitpopAgnostic Front
Agony BagAgoraphobic NosebleedAirmail
AlcoaAlice DonutAlice, Wolf
AllAll Pigs Must DieAllin, GG
Almighty Defenders, TheAlpha & OmegaAltered Sky
AlternativeAlternative TentaclesAlternators, The
American Ruse, TheAmity Affliction, TheAnd The Native Hipsters
Andrews, BarryAngelic UpstartsAngels, Fallen
Angry MindedAngry SamoansAnother Pretty Face
Ant, AdamAnthrax (UK)Anti-Cimex
Anti-establishmentAnti-FlagAnti-Nowhere League
Archie & The BunkersArmoury Show, TheArms, Crazy
Art Attacks, TheArthurs, AndyArticle 58
As Friends RustAscended DeadAsphalt Jungle
Asta KaskAsylumAtlantic Thrills
Attack In BlackAu PairsAustralian Crawl
AutomaticsAvant GardenerAvant Gardeners, The
Avocados, TheAxewoundBad Brains
Bad CaesarBad Karma BeckonsBadowski, Henry
Balance And ComposureBaloney HeadsBane
Bane, HoneyBanger, EdBaroness
Barrett, Wild WillyBasement 5Bastards, The
Bators, StivBattalion Of SaintsBayside
BearsBears, TheBeartooth
BeastBeastmilkBeats, Dead
Bedrin Daddys, TheBeer, MarkBeing As An Ocean
Bet Lynch's LegsBewitchedBiffers
Big Audio DynamiteBig BusinessBIG Heat
Bill Mason BandBilly Karloff BandBitter End
Bitter End (Hardcore)Bizarros, TheBl'ast!
Black EyesBlack FlagBlack Pacific, The
Black RandyBlack TuskBlacklight Chameleons
Blackout Argument, TheBlassie, FreddieBlegvad, Peter
Blind Idiot GodBlitzBlockheads, The
BlondieBlood UnclesBlubber
Blue Ontario, TheBlue SteamBlunt
Boa, Phillip & The Voodoo ClubBob TiltonBobby Peru
Böhn LegionBoisterousBollock Brothers
Bolsheviks, TheBondage, BekiBoneless Ones, The
Boomtown RatsBow Wow WowBoys, Big
Brainbox (Rock)Bram TchaikovskyBratmobile
Break AwayBreaking PointBrian Brain
Bright Calm BlueBroccoliBroken Bones
Broken TeethBrood, HermanBrutality Will Prevail
Bunk DoggerBunnydrumsBurnel, Jean Jacques
Bush TetrasBusiness, TheButler, Richard
BuzzcocksCadaveric FumesCadillac, Vince
CamberCancer BatsCanis Major
CanterburyCaptain SensibleCarbon / Silicon
CarnationCarpettes, TheCash Pussies
Casket Lottery, TheCBICelia & The Mutations
Cervenka, ExeneChalk CircleChamberlain
Changed, ShortChannel ThreeChaos U.K.
Chaotic DischordChargeCharta 77
Cheetah ChromeChelseaChemical People
Cherry VanillaChildren Of FallChildren, O
China StreetChocolateChorchazade
Christie Front DriveChthe'ilistChumley
Chumps, TheChunk! No, Captain ChunkCigarettes, The
Circa SurviveCircuitsCity Of Caterpillar
ClairmelClash, JohnnyClass War
Club, HotClutchCobra Starship
Cockney RejectsCoffin RotCoffins
Cold DanceCold WorldColdburn
Colt SeaverComets On FireComidas, China
CommendablesComputers, TheConflict
Cooper Clarke, JohnCornwell, HughCorpse Grinders (Punk)
CortinasCorvettes, TheCostello, Elvis
Couch FlambeauCounterpartsCounty Wayne & Electric Chairs
County, JayneCoward BrothersCowboy Killers
Crack, TheCramps, TheCrass
Crazy ArmCrimeCrisis
CristinaCro-MagsCrocodile Tears
Cross MeCross My HeartCrucifucks, The
Cruel HandCruella De VilleCrux
Cuddly ToysCulbertson, CliveCulture Shock
Cut-Outs, TheCute Is What We Aim ForCyanide
Cybermen, TheCymbalsD.I.
Dag NastyDamage (Punk)Damned
Dance, DigitalDansette DamageDark Ages
Dark, TheDavid & SylvainDay Of The Dead
DayshiftDazzlers, TheDazzling Killmen
Dead Beats (Punk)Dead BoysDead Cross
Dead End KidsDead Fingers TalkDead Kennedys
Dead Milkmen, TheDead Red SeaDead Styler
Dead SwansDeadlineDeaf Aids, The
Dear Hunter, TheDeath By StereoDeath Set, The
DecapitatedDecay, MetroDeep Throats
DefeaterDefects, TheDeformities, Genital
Demics, TheDemobDemon Preacher
DenizensDepartment SDepraved
Depressions, TheDer Durstige MannDerelicts, The
Desperate Bicycles, TheDestri, DonnaDestroy All Monsters
Deviants, TheDeviated InstinctDeVille, Willy
Devils BrigadeDevoDickies
DicksDie ÄRzteDie Roten Rosen
Die Toten HosenDiet Of WormsDiggle, Steve`
Dirtbombs, TheDirty DogDisco Bros, The
DissentDisturbed [70s]Divine Horsemen
DMDDoctor And The CrippensDoctor Bison
Doctor Mix And The RemixDoctors Of MadnessDodgems, The
Dog Faced HermansDog On A RopeDogs
Dole, TheDoll, TheDolly Mixture
DoomDoomridersDoor And The Window, The
Dowling PooleDownsetDP's, The
Dragons (French Punk)DragstersDream (80S), The
Dreamboys, TheDreamcrashDressmaker
Drinking ElectricityDronesDropkick Murphys
Du BlondeDu$t, AngelDuet Emmo
Duggie Briggs Band, TheDungenDury, Ian
EagullsEarly GraceEast Bay Ray
Easter, BlackEaterEclipse
Effect, DominoEight Rounds RapidElectric Doghouse
Electric Eels, TheElectro HippiesElemae
Element Of Crime, TheElliottElton Motello
Embrace (Punk)Embrace, InEnglish Boys
English DogsEngraveEnoch Ardon
ErsatzEscalators, TheEve 6
Evening Outs, TheEvolution So FarEx Pistols
Ex Post FactoEx, TheExcruciation
Execute, TheExecutive SlacksExile, The
Exits, TheExpendables, TheExpire
Exploding White MiceExplosion, TheExtreme Noise Terror
ExtremityEyes (Punk)Face The Front
Faceless BurialFailsafe For TomorrowFall
Fans (UK), TheFans, TheFarside
Fartz, TheFashion, TheFat And Frantic
Fat White FamilyFatal MicrobesFear
FeedtimeFerris, SaveFeverdream
Fidelity JonesFidlarFifth Column
Fifth Hour HeroFight, TheFiner, Jem
Finger Fire & IceFire Dept., The
Fire PartyFire Still Burns, TheFitz Of Depression
Fitzgerald, PatrikFiyaFlatbackers, The
Flesh Eaters TheFlipperFlowers In The Dustbin
Flowers, PersianFlufFlux Of Pink Indians
Fly On The WallFlyin' Spiderz, TheFlys
FlyscreenFlyswatterFocused Minds
Foetus (+incarnations of)Foffo SpearjigFold, The
Forced OrderForever Came CallingForever The Sickest Kids
Four Year StrongFrames (Punk), TheFrank, Stanley
Frankenstein Drag Queens...Franklin LakesFree French, The
FrenzyFreshes, TheFreshies, The
FrontlineFruit Eating Bears, TheFrumpies, The
Fucked UpFull Of HellFun 4
Funeral PartyFuries, FulhamFutura 2000
GallowsGang Of FourGang, Chain
GastunkGemageGen, Chron
Generation XGenius FreakGenocide Pact
Geraldine FibbersGerms, TheGerry & The Holograms
Ghost Inside, TheGibson BrosGilbert & Lewis
Gilbert, BruceGinn, GregGirl Band
Girl Of My Best FriendGits, TheGlass And Ashes
Glass TorpedosGnarwolvesGOD
Going Red?Golden TriangleGoldman, Vivien
Gonads, TheGoneGood Clean Fun
Good Missionaries, TheGoodman, Dave & FriendsGorilla Biscuits
Government IssueGravelGreenfield,Dave & J.J. Burnel
Grief TouristGrinder, ScrotumGrit, The
Gruppo SportivoGuns For HireGutless
Guttersnipes, TheGuzzardGymslips, The
Hagar The WombHagen, NinaHair, The
Hammer, ClawHandgunsHank III
Hannaway, Frank & Barclay, MicHappy Ever AfterHardside
Harms WayHarper, CharlieHavana 3am
Have HeartHawks And DovesHe Said
Headache (Punk)Headon, TopperHeartbeats, The
Heavy PukeHell, Richard & VoidoidsHer Only Presence
HeresyHeroinHidden In Plain View
Higher, TheHigsons, TheHit The Lights
Hoax, TheHoliday, KillHoly Rollers
Honour Among ThievesHoolapopperHoot McKloot
HorrorcomicHorse The BandHorsell Common
Hot CrossHot WaterHounds
Howard DevotoHuman EyeHumanifesto
Hummingbird Of DeathHundredthHunter Gatherer
Hussey, WayneI Hate MyselfI'm So Hollow
IceburnIdle FlowersIdol, Billy
Iggy PopIgor's Night OffInk & Dagger
Inner City UnitInside OutIntegrity
Intense DegreeInto AnotherIntruder, Masked
JJack Off JillJah Wobble
Jailcell RecipesJam TheJames Chance & The Contortions
James Cleaver Quintet, TheJames, BrianJapandroids
Jerks, CircleJesse JamesJesus Christ Super Fly
Jet Boys, TheJet Bronx & The ForbiddenJets (Punk), The
JezebelleJilted JohnJimmy And The Boys
Jimmy Edwards And The ProfileJobson, RichardJoe Cool And The Killers
John The PostmanJohnny And The Self AbusersJohnny Curious And The Strange
Johnny Thunders HeartbreakersJoie De VivreJolt
Jones, JanieJones, SteveJoshua (US)
Josie, CottonJoyrydeJr Ewing
Justice (Punk)Kamikaze Sex Pilots, TheKaospilot
KickstartsKid DynamiteKids In The Kitchen
Kids, Jerry'sKids, TheKilburn & The High Roads
Kill Your IdolsKilled By The BullKiller Dreamer
Killermeters, TheKilling JokeKilling Time
Killjoys, TheKilowatt, KidKing Blues, The
King Snake RoostKing, DonKinison, The
Kissed AirKleenexKnox
Knox, ChrisKnuckle PuckKnuckledust
Koreans, TheKramer, WayneKrunk
Krypton TunesL VoagL.O.K.
La PesteLagwagonLane, Fred
LardLast Drive, TheLast Witness
Le RitzLeague, MajorLeft Alone
Left Hand DriveLegion HallLegionnaire, Young
Lemons, TheLemuriaLeon, Craig
Les Enfants TerriblesLess Than JakeLetters Organize, The
Levene, KeithLew Lewis ReformerLewd, The
Leyton Buzzards, TheLife At These SpeedsLifetime (90s)
Lightning RaidersLigotageLimit (70s), The
Lipstique, RedLizardLlaethog, Llwybr
Local OperatorLockjawLondon
Lonely The BraveLong Cold StareLook Back And Laugh
Los GusanosLost CherreesLost Patrol Band, The
Lounge Lizards, TheLove Spit LoveLovemongers
LoveslugLoyalties, TheLucy
LunachicksLurkers, TheLwin, Annabella
Lydon, JohnM.D.C.Macc Lads
MacGowan, ShaneMachinesMacManus Gang
Mad DaddysMadballMagazine
Magic MichaelMajor AccidentMake-Up, The
MakerMaleMammoth Grinder
Man OverboardMan RazeManeaters
ManiacsManiacsManufactured Romance
March Of AngerMarie Et Les GarconsMarky Ramone & The Intruders
MarsMartian Dance Martin And The Brownshirts
Martini Henry Rifles, TheMary My HopeMatches, The
Matlock, GlenMatter, GrayMatthew Sawyer And The Ghosts
Max SplodgeMaximum Effect, TheMcLaren, Malcolm
MDCMeatflyMeathooks, The
Meet Me At The PubMeices, TheMen (US), The
MenaceMercury Program, TheMercy Seat, The
Merry Widows, TheeMestMetal Urbain
Mi-SexMidnight MenMidnite Cruiser
MidtownMighty Caesars, TheeMilk Monitors, The
MillencolinMiller, LarryMilton, Ted
Mind, IronMinor ThreatMirrors
Mirrors (UK Punk), TheMob ResearchModels (Punk)
Modern EonMolesters, TheMollesters
Mongol HordeMongoloids, TheMono Men
MonotonyMonth Of SundaysMoondogs, The
Moped, JohnnyMorality, NewMore Than Life
Motors, TheMouth [Punk]Moving Jelly Brothers, The
Murphy's LawMutantsMutants, The
MuteMXPXMy So Called Life
Mystery Girls, TheNaked RaygunNancy Sesay And The Melodaires
Napalm Stars Nariz, WazmoNasty Facts
NatchbandNations AfireNautyculture
Naz Nomad & The NightmaresNeck DeepNeo Cons
NeonNeon HeartsNerds, The
Nerf HerderNervebreakersNerves (UK), The
Nerves, TheNeurosisNeverstore
New MathNew Musical ExpressNew Order, The
New York DollsNewman, ColinNewtown Neurotics
Nicky & The DotsNile, WillieNinja High School
Nipple ErectorsNipsNits
Nits, TheNixon, MojoNo Devotion
No For An AnswerNo Sweat (Clive Culbertson)NoFX
NomeansnoNoose RotNosebleeds, The
NotsNova, PaulNow, The
NoxiousNuns, TheNurse With Wound
O LevelObey The BraveOcean, Humphrey
October, GeneOff With Their HeadsOfficial Secrets, The
OizoneOmega TribeOne Lady Owner
OnelinedrawingOnly OnesOperation Ivy
Opus DeadOtway & BarrettOuida & The Numbers
OutcastsOutsiders (Punk), TheOxy And The Morons
P.I.L.PacerPack (Punk), The
Pagans, TheParasites, ThePariah
Parkinsons, TheParquet CourtsPartisans, The
Passengers, ThePathetix, ThePavilion, Percy
Pearl HarbourPenetrationPenetrators, The
Pere UbuPeriod PainsPerrett, Peter & The One
Perry, MarkPete Stride & John PlainPeter & The Test Tube Babies
PetrificationPhantom ChordsPhantoms Of The SS
Photos, ThePhysicalsPianos Become The Teeth
PiebaldPierce The VeilPig Destroyer
PigbrosPigs, ThePink Industry
Pinns, SuziPlague, ThePlain White T's
PlasmaticsPlastic SurgeryPlayground
PleasersPlimsouls, ThePogues
Poison GirlsPonys, ThePopdefect
PorkPositive SignalsPower Trip
PowerspacePrag VecpragVEC
Prats, ThePretty Boy Floyd (Punk)Pride Of The Cross
Priscillas, TheProlesProphets, False
Pseudo ExistorsPSI ComPsychotic Youth
Psykik VoltsPujolPulley
PulloversPuncturePure Hell
Pure RubbishPurple HelmetsPush To Fire
Pussy, NashvillePVC2Quadrajets, The
Queers, TheQuestionsRadiators From Space, The
Radical Dance FactionRadio ActiveRadio Stars
RaeinRamainz TheRamblin Johnny Stomach Pump
Rambow, PhilipRamone, Dee DeeRamone, Joey
RamonesRampage, RandyRandom, Eric
Rank & FileRaooulRaped
Raptor, MaxRatos De PoraoRays, Sugar
Reading Festival, TheReagan YouthReal Friends
Real Kids, TheRealists, TheReasons, Toxic
Rebekka Frame, TheRed AlertRed Alert (Oi! Band)
Red BeatRed RockersRedskins
RefusedReid, JamieRelatives The
RepetitionResistanceRest In Pieces
Rev, MartinReverend And The MakersRevl9n
Rex ChainbeltRich Kids On LSDRich Rags
Riff Raff (Punk)Rings, TheRipcord
Rise, TheRival Mob, TheRivals, The
Rivvits, TheRoad To KansasRochdale Fairies, The
Rock, MickRocket From The TombsRocket Summer, The
RockpileRodanRomeo Void
Rosa ValleRotters, TheRough Hands
Rousers, TheRubbish, JonnyRubella Ballet
Rubella, KyraRude AwakeningRude Kids, The
Runts, TheRutsRX Bandits
RydellS'Haters, TheS.C.U.M
S.S.S.PSaccharine TrustSad Society
SaetiaSaintsSalad From Atlantis
Sally SkullSalmon, KimSamiam
Satan's RatsSaturday Morning PicturesSavages
Scabies, ratScabs (70S), TheScars
Schoolgirl BitchSchternScientists
Scissor FitsScissorfightScream
Screamin' SirensScreaming DeadScreeching Weasel
Search, SoulSecond Coming, The (80s)Sect, The
Sector 27Sed Non SatiataSeperation, The
Serious DrinkingSet Your GoalsSetting The Woods On Fire
Sex BeatlesSex PistolsShake
Shake!, TheSham 69Shapes, The
Sharkey, FeargalSheer TerrorShelley, Pete
ShelterShield Your EyesShirts, The
Shoes, TennisShoppingShout, The
Shuttleworth, JohnSick Of It AllSideshow
Siglo XXSign Of HopeSilent Front
SilkwormSingers & PlayersSinister Ducks
SinkSinolaSiouxsie & The Banshees
SisteraySix Minute WarSixNationState
Skewbald / Grand UnionSki PatrolSkrapyard
SkrewdriverSkull, LiveSlammin' Watusis
Slaughter & The DogsSlaves (UK Band)Slaves (US)
Sleeping With SirensSlimeSlime (German Punk)
Small Brown BikeSmirks, TheSmith, Jay (Artist)
Smith, Mark ESmith, PattiSnakefinger
SNFUSnipers, TheSnivelling Shits, The
SobutSocial DistortionSocial Distortion
Sods (Danish)Sods, TheSofties, The
Some Chicken Sona FariqSore Throat
Soul On IceSoundSound Of The Baskerville, The
Spaceships, BostonSpanks, TheSpeak 714
Spear Of DestinySpecial DutiesSpectral Voice
Spectres (80'S), TheSpeed (Punk)Speedometors
Spitfire (US)Spitfire BoysSplit Lip
SplodgenessaboundsSpring, LandmineSpys (UK)
SquadSquare MealSquarewell
St., HazenStabilisers, TheStalin, The
Stand GT, TheStar Fucking HipstersStarkweathers
StarmarketState ChampsStatic Routines
Steding, WalterStepSteve Conte & The Crazy Truth
Steven SeverinStiff Little FingersStiffed
Stitched-Back Foot AirmanStoat, TheStone By Stone
Stooges, TheStoopid, SlightlyStopouts, The
Story So Far, TheStrange MovementsStrangeways!
StranglersStraps, TheStrawberry Slaughterhouse
StrifeStrikniën D.C.Strummer, Joe
StukasStupids, TheStyrene Poly
SubhumansSubsSuburban Studs
Subway SectSubway Sect, TheSuicide
Suicide Machines, TheSummer Obsession, TheSuperstition
SupertonicSurprises, TheSurvival
Sweat, TheSylvain SylvainSymposium
System (Punk), TheT.C. MaticTable, The
TakaruTake OffenseTake, The
Tales OF TerrorTanz Der YouthTargets, Moving
Tea Set, TheTeardrop Explodes, TheTearjerkers, The
Teddy And The Frat GirlsTelephoneTelescope
TelescreenTelevisionTelevision Personalities
Tempest, TheTempleton PekTen Foot Pole
Tenpole TudorTerminals, TheTerminus
Texas Is The ReasonThe AlarmThe Bomb Party
The ColonelThe Deadwood DevineThe Fast
The FlexTHE GISTThe Greedies
The ImposterThe K9'sThe Set Up
The ShiveringThe StiffsThe Swarm
The TransmittersThe UnwantedThe War On Drugs
Theatre Of HateThee Michelle Gun ElephantThee Stash
Thelonious MonsterThem, TrapThirty3
Those Naughty LumpsThree Wise MenThroats
ThrustThumbTickets, The
TidalTights, TheTime UK
TimezoneTin HueyTiny Masters Of Today
Title FightTitsTokyo Sex Destruction
TomahawkTomorrow [US Punk]Tone Deaf & The Idiots
Too MuchTorcheTotally Outta Hand Band, The
Tours, TheToyahTrainspotters, The
TranslatorTrapped Under IceTrash (Punk)
Trash County DominatorsTrash Groove GirlsTreatment (Rock)
Trend, NegativeTrotsky IcepickTrue Life Confessions
True NorthTupamarosTwelve Hour Turn
Tyla GangTyler, WatU Turn
U.S. ApeU.V. PopUK Decay
Urinals, TheUrlaub, FarinUSA Nails
Users, TheUXBV.I.P.'s
Vagtazo HalottkemekValves, TheVamps, The
Vandals, TheVapors, TheVarukers, The
Vena CavaVenus And The RazorbladesVerlaine, Tom
VerseVertebrats, TheVHK (Galloping Coroners)
VibratorsVice Creems, TheVice Squad
Vicious White Kids, TheVicious, SidVictim
VictimizeVictims FamilyVictims, The
Video (Punk)Video VillainViletones
Vincent, SonnyViolet EvesVirgin
Visions Of ChangeViva L'American Death Ray MusiVoices, The
Von SudenfedVoodoo Glow SkullsWagon, Chuck
Waltons, TheeWar ChargeWarm Gun
Warriors (Dub), TheWarsaw PaktWashdown, The
Wasps, TheWasted Youth (US Hardcore PunkWatt, Mike
WAX HEROESWay, GerardWaybill, Fee
We Are Going To Eat YouWe Came From WolvesWee Cherubs, The
Weird WarWestern HysteriaWestwood, Vivenne
What Price, Wonderland?White LungWhite, James
Williamson, JamesWindows (DIY)Wipers
Wipers, TheWireWitch Vomit
With HonorWolf DownWolfmen, The
Wonder Years, TheWordbugWrathchild
Wreckless EricX (Australian)X Certificate
X-Ray SpexX-Rays, TheX.S. Energy
XTCXtractXtreme, The
Yaphet KottoYou Blew It!You Slut!
Young Rochelles, TheYour DemiseYouth Of Today
Yr AnhrefnZanti MisfitzZebrahead
Zeros (UK), TheZig ZagsZimt
Zippers, TheZoetropeZounds

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