new wave

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(US), Metropolis21 Guns (Ska)45'S, The
AccessAccidents, TheAgony Column
All Fall DownAmazorbladesAnnabas
Arrows (80S), TheAshworth, RichardAttic
Back To ZeroBadowski, HenryBlacklock, Kelvin
Blast Furnace & The HeatwavesBlazing Apostles, TheBlue Way
Bogey Boys, TheBone SymphonyBox Of Toys
Boys From The EastBrainbox (Rock)Briggs, Brian
Bron AreaBrood, HermanBrothers Of Craig
BulletsBurns, EddyCads, The
Camera 3Camp SophistoCharge
Chart, TheCheekChildren, Brian's
Choir (80S), TheCigarettes, TheClass War
Clockhouse, TheCold DanceCollective Horizontal
ConflictCott, GerryCrass
CrazeCrazy HouseCretones, The
Cry, TheCymbalsDancing Did, The
Dangerous GirlsDark, JohnDave And The Mistakes
DayshiftDead Fingers TalkDeborah And The Puerto Ricans
DemobDiamond, DyanDirt
Disco DickDoctor Mix And The RemixDodgems, The
Dogbones, TheDogma Cats, TheDu Blonde
Effect, DominoEgyptian Hip HopErsatz
EskatonExpressos, TheFantasia (80s)
Fatal GiftFehlfarbenFender Benders
Fidelity JonesFK9Flowers, Persian
Flux Of Pink IndiansFly On The WallFools, The
Fox In SocksFragile FriendsFragments
Frames (Punk), TheFrightwigFun 4
Gabor, ZorGardening By MoonlightGarner, Gigi
GaspGetting The FearGrimes
Group [New Wave], TheGroup, TheHeaven Seventeen
Hostages, TheHot WaterHurley, Bill
ImpulseIn VitroIntro
Janette And The PlanetsJayni & The LimitJoe King Carrasco & The Crowns
Jook, TheJoy Of LifeJust Water
Killermeters, TheKissed AirKnobz, The
LanguageLanguage From MemoryLaughing Dogs, The
Les Enfants TerriblesLone Groover, TheLouis And Clark
LulaboxLurkers, TheMan Klan
MANTON, BOBMarconi, ViaMarine
Marsh, NickMatheson, AndrewMazda, Richard
Minnie And The MetrosMiro, SteveModernaires, The
Modest ProposalMoment, TheMoney (Indie)
Monroes, TheMoral LepersNasty Facts
Nervus RexNew MathNobodys, The
Nocturnal EmissionsNova, NancyNova, Paul
O'Brien, MichaelOral Exciters, TheOutskirts, The
Pack (Punk), TheParanoids, TheParty Day
Passengers, ThePassionate FriendsPete Stride & John Plain
Phantoms Of The SSPhones Sportsman Band, ThePlanets, The
Plank, ConnyPoesie NoirePoison Girls
pragVECPumphouse GangQED
Radio ActiveRandom, EricReality Slam
Rebekka Frame, TheRecognitions, TheRed
Red Lorry Yellow LorryReds, TheRentals [70S], The
RibsRich RagsRikki And The Last Days Of Ear
Robin Lane & The ChartbustersRoll-UpsRoom 101
Rousers, TheRuin, BlueRyder, Kris
Sad Among StrangersSaisse, PhilippeSallon, Philip
Satan's RatsSavage RepublicScabs (70S), The
ScarlettSchaumburg, PalaisSchulz, Purple
Scratch Band, TheScreen 3Secession
Sector 27See You In VegasSeventh Seance
SFTShake Appeal [New Wave]Shattered Dreams, The
SherbsShoes, TennisShout, The
ShrinkShuraSiglo XX
SkrewdriverSleeping LionsSmirks, The
Smith, Jay (Artist)Soft As GhostsSome Now Are
South, AprilSpanks, TheSpectres (80'S), The
Spot The DogSpot, TheSquares, The
StepasideStiff All-Stars, TheStrands, The
Strange Days (New Wave)Stranger ComfortsStroke, The
Sudeten CrecheSuicide, AlgebraSupertonic
SussexTalkies, TheTall Boys, The
Teddy And The Frat GirlsTeenbeatsThe Dugites
The K9'sThe UnwantedThe War On Drugs
Thieves, ScaryThroat, RubyTokyo Olympics
Tour De Force (80s)Treatment (Rock)TRST
Tudors, TheU TurnUropa Lula
Vendino PactView, BigViolent Blue
Violet EvesVoices, TheWagon, Chuck
Walking Floors, TheWar Party, TheWasps, The
Waybill, FeeWee Cherubs, TheWestern Hysteria
White ChinaWhite, JamesWilliamson, James
Windows (DIY)WipeoutWobblesox
Wolf & WolfYoung Ones, TheZanti Misfitz
Zero ZeroZeros (UK), TheZoom Lens