60s beat

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(60S), Leviathan(French), Stella126
19844 Instants, The4 O'Briens, The
45s (00s), The5 Gentlemen84, Equipe
A Band Of AngelsA Passing FancyAction
Adam, Mike & TimAdams, DannyAddicts, The
Alamo, FrankAll Rounders, TheAllen, Bobby
Allen, Dave (Blues)Amazing Friendly AppleAndrews, Chris
AntoineAnton, ReyApplejacks, The
Arondies, TheArtwoods, TheAufray, Huges
B.Z.N.Bad Seeds, TheBallard, Frank
Bandits, The (60s)Barrett, RichieBarry, Joe
Bats, The (60s Irish)Bats, The (60s SA)Baxter, Joan
BeachcomberBeatles, TheBeatpack, The
Beau Brummell EsquireBees (60s Garage), TheBennett, Rudi
BerkeleyBern, ToniaBernie & The Buzz Band
Bev, JohnnyBig Johns Rock 'n' Roll CircusBilly And The Kids
Billy Joe RoyalBilly Pepper & The PepperpotsBlackjacks, The
Blake, Peter (Artist)BlazersBlendells, The
Blue Rondos, TheBlues MagoosBluesville
Blunstone, ColinBob B. Soxx & The Blue JeansBobby And Laurie
Bobby Angelo And The TuxedosBoetcher, CurtBond, Ronnie
Boss Guitars, TheBostweeds, TheBoys (60s), The
Boys Blue, TheBrain Twisters, TheBrandon, Vern
Breakaways, TheBrook, TonyBrothers Two, The
Brown, SammiBruce, TommyBruisers, The
Buccaneers, TheBushmen, TheByrnes, Edd
Cameron, RayCarlos,RobertoCarnabeats, The
Carr, RomeyCarter-Lewis & The SouthernersCascades, The
Casuals, TheCathode, RayCedars, The
Chancis, TheChangin' Times, TheChannel, Bruce
Chants R & BChants, TheChaussettes Noires, Les
Cheetahs, TheCherokees, TheCherry Smash
Chicago Loop, TheChickChildren, The
Chris Ravel And The RaversChris, PeterCindytalk
Citations, TheClarke, AllanClassmates, The
Cliffters, TheCocktail Cabinet, TheCollectors, The
Collins, GlendaColorfull Seasonscolours
Colton, TonyCompromise, TheComstock, Bobby
ConsortiumConstant Sound, TheCops 'N Robbers
Cordell, KimCordet, LouiseCougars, The
Count FiveCount VictorsCount Victors, The
Counterfeit Stones, TheCountrymen, TheCoussins, Ray
Creation, TheCrombie, TonyCryin' Shames, The
Cumberland Three, TheCushing, JohnCymbeline, The
D'Abo, MikeD'Ell, DennisDaily Flash, The
Dale, GlenDalys, TheDante, Troy
Dark Horse RecordsDarrell, GuyDartells, The
Dave Anthony's MoodsDave Davani Four, TheDave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tic
David And JonathanDavid, AlanDavid, The
Davies, MiarDavies, Ray (Kinks)Dawn Chorus
Dawson, LesleyDe Marco, JulieDeane, Jason
DeanoDebs, TheDecca
Deep FeelingDefenders, TheDel-Aires, The
Demonstrators, TheDennisons, TheDeputies, The
Dickens, CharlesDigger Revell's Denver MenDimples, The
Disc & Music EchoDisc, TheDonegan, Lonnie
Douglas, Robb And DeanDovells, TheDúo Dinámico
Dupont, ShelleyDutronc, JacquesDynamites, The
E, WilliamEarthquakes, TheEdward, Vince
Edwards, NokieEel Pie All StarsEldorados [Rhodesia], The
Embers, TheEnglish, ScottEpstein, Brian
Equals, TheEric Burdon & The AnimalsEsquivel, Juan Garcia
Exciters, TheExotic Guitars, TheEyes Of Blue
Fairways, TheFalling Leaves, TheFantômes, Les
Fardon, DonFarinas, TheFarr, Gary
Federals, TheFenwyckFerlinghetti, Lawrence
Fields, ErnieFirst Gear, TheFive By Five
Flick, VicFlorence BallardFlowerz, The
Focal PointFoggy Notions, TheFord, Dean
Foresters, TheFour IveysFourmost, The
Fox, DonFramus Five, TheFrançois, Claud
Fruits De Mer RecordsGamblers, TheGame, The
Game, The (60s)Gants, TheGarden Odyssy Enterprise
Garrick, DavidGary Street & The FairwaysGermani, Remo
GesturesGibsons, TheGloomys
Gnomes Of Zurich, TheGobbledegooks, TheGordon, Trevor
Graham, BobbyGranahan, GerryGrass, The
Gray, DorianGreenbaum, NormanGreenbeats, The
Group BGroup XGuitares Du Diable, Les
Guitarist MagazineGustafson, JohnnyGuv'ners, The
Hamilton Movement, TheHarbour Lites, TheHarris, Roy
Harris, Wee WillieHazzard, TonyHedgehoppers Anonymous
HeinzHenderson, Scott (60s)Herbal Mixture
Herman's HermitsHi-Fi's, TheHigh Numbers
HolliesHolton, Gary Honest Men
Honeycombs, TheHornets, TheHoward, Brian
Hugg, MikeI BarbieriI Pooh
Ice, DryIfe, KrisIn Crowd, The
In-Sect, TheInsomnia, PregnantJames & Jeremiah
JanuaryJavalins, TheJaybirds, The
Jet Set, TheJohn's ChildrenJohnny Kendall & The Heralds
Jokers, TheJones, B-Lou & His JupitersJones, Beverley
Jones, Casey & The GovernorsJones, PaulJoy, Benny
Junco PartnersJust Four MenKasenetz-Katz
KateKaye, MaryKaye, Tony
Keepers, FindersKeil, HermaKeith, Bryan
Kelly, FrankKen Levy And The PhantomsKennelmus
Kenny And The KasualsKeyes, KarolKing Clam & The Marine Band
King Size Taylor And The DominKingpins, TheKingston Trio,The
KinksKirchherr, AstridKirkbys, The
Knack, The (60s)Knaves, TheKnockouts, The
KoobasKruger, RussKumari, The
Laine, LindaLancaster, DianeLangleys, The
Larry Williams & Johnny WatsonLaurels, TheLee Diamond & The Cherokees
Lee, Freddie 'Fingers'Lee, JackieLee, Jackie (UK F)
Legends, The (US)Lennon, JimmyLes Diamants
Levon And The HawksLiberty Bell, TheLittle Richie
Liverpool EchoLivingstone, JeanLondon & The Bridges
London, PeterLong And The Short, TheLoose Ends (60s)
Loot, TheLopez, TriniLordan, Jerry
LordsLos BravosLoved Ones, The
Lucas, MattMackay, RabbitMaerz, Marion
Maloney, VinceMann, ManfredMar-Keys, The
Marauders, TheMaresca, ErnieMark Four, The
Mark Leeman FiveMarsden, GerryMartin, George
Mascots, TheMatthews, IanMayuzumi, Jun
Maze (US)Maze, The (UK)McAuley, Jackie
McCall, DarrellMcCann, ToniMcCartney, Cecil
McIvor, DavidMcKenzie, AliMDB
Mec Op Singers, TheMeek, JoeMeek, Joe & The Blue Men
Melody MakerMen, MightyMerlin Q
Merrell And The ExilesMerseyblues, TheMeteors, The (60s)
Midnight Hour, TheMike Adams & The Red JacketsMike Sax And The Idols
Milan (60s)Mills, GarryMilwaukee Coasters, The
Mimms, GarnetMinistry Of Sound, TheMissing LInks, The
Mitchell, EddyMojos, TheMonahan, Stephen
Monarchs, TheMoney, ZootMontanas, The
Mood-Mosaic, TheMoon, TheMoore, Merrill E
Moquettes, TheMorgan-James Duo, TheMorris, Russell
Most, MickieMuleskinners, TheMure, Billy
Music Explosion, TheMusketeer GripweedMustang, The
Naturals, The (UK 60s)Neat Change, TheNEMS (Record Label)
Nerve, TheNew Formula, TheNew York Public Library
Newbury, CurtNews, The (60s)Nichols, Penny
Nicol, JimmyNilsmen, TheNova Local, The
NovellsNu-Notes, TheOdyssey, The
Open Mind, TheOptic Nerve, TheOrchids (60S), The
Orwell, PaulOscarOssie Layne Show, The
Other Half, TheOthers [1960S], TheOuter Limits, The
Outsiders, The (US)OZ MagazineOzzie Warlock And The Wizards
Packers ThePaisleys, TheParker, Alan
PashaPeasants, ThePebbles, The
People (US)PeppiPerkins, Polly
Perry Dear & The Deer-StalkersPersuasions (UK), ThePete Kelly's Soulution
Peter And The WolvesPeter Jay And The JaywalkersPeter's Faces
Phillips, GregoryPhrogs, ThePiccadilly Circus
Pike, TravisPleasures, ThePoole, Brian
Powell, MarilynPowerhouse, ThePremiers, The
Pride, DickiePrince BusterPrisoners, The
ProcessionPudding, ThePyramid, The
Quarrymen, TheQuickly, TommyQuik, The
Quist, DarylRaindrops, TheRally Rounders, The
Rambeau, EddieRandazzo, TeddyRandy Alvey And The Green Fuz
Rapiers, TheRattles, TheRayburn, Chris
Rayne, JulieRecord CollectorRed West Combo
Redcaps, TheRedefineReizner, Lou
Remains, TheRemo Four, TheRené And His Alligators
Renegades, TheRhythm And Blues IncRhythm Jesters, The
Richard Kent Style, TheRichards, DigbyRiddlers, The
Riot Squad, TheRip Chords, TheRitchie, Tony
Rivers, DickRivieras, TheRobin, Teddy & The Playboys
Rocco, TonyRockin' Rebels, TheRockin' Vickers, The
Rokes, TheRolling StoneRolling Stones
Rooks, TheRoulettes, TheRouters, The
Royal Flairs, TheRoyal Hangmen, TheRoyaltones, The
Russal, ThaneRyan, BarryRyan, Paul & Barry
Ryder, FreddieSainty, RussSam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Sammy King And The VoltairsSanders, EdSands, Evie
SaroltaScaffold, TheSchroeder, John
Score, TheScott, SimonScott, Tommy
Sebastian, JohnSeekersSeymour, Patti
Shades Of BlueShades Of Blue (60s Beat), TheShades Of Blue, The
Shadow, Johnny & Gavan, DannyShadows Of Knight, TheShane And The Shane Gang
SharksSheik's Men, TheShelton, Gary
Sheridan, TonyShoes (Dutch Band), TheShondell, Troy
Shotgun ExpressShots, TheShut Downs, The
SignsSilent MajoritySimon
Simon, TonySinners, LesSinners, The
Sinx MitchellSir Percy QuintetSlaves, The
Smith, MikeSmith, WarrenSmoke
Snow White And The DwarfsSomeonesSons Of The Piltdown Men, The
Sorrows, TheSoul Benders, TheSoul Brothers, The
Sound BarrierSounds IncorporatedSounds Of Les And Barry, The
Sovereigns, TheSpectres, TheSpell (60s)
Spencer, DonSpencer, SonnySpiders, The
Spotnicks, TheSt. John, BarrySt. Valentine's Day Massacre
Staccatos, TheStained GlassStarlings, The
Starr, LuckyStatic, TheStevens, Cat
Stirling, Peter LeeStoller, RhetStrange, Billy
Strangers With Mike ShannonStrawberry JamString-A-Longs, The
Strong, BarrettStudio SixSuffrajets
Sullivan, EdSundowners (Kent), TheSunrays, The
Sunsets, TheSurf Raiders, TheSurfs, Les
Sylvester, TerrySymaripSymbols, The
TagesTamlin, JamesTammy St. John
Tempters, TheTerauchi, TakeshiTermites, The (60s)
The AnniversaryThe DakotasThe J. & B.
The Mickey FinnThemThird Bardo, The
Thorpe, BillyThunderbeats, TheTim Tam And The Turn-Ons
Times (60s), TheTomcatsTommy Smith & The Laughing Kin
Tony Jackson (Searchers)Tony Knight's ChessmenTopo D. Bil
Tornados, TheTownsel SistersTR-5
TranquilityTransatlantics, TheTravel Agency
Trax FourTrends, TheTridents, The
Triffids, The (60s)Tropics, TheTucker, Cy
Turtle, HenryTwinkleTwins, Sims
Two And A HalfTwo Smith Brothers, TheTyme
Typhoons, TheU.K.'s, TheUnauthorised Version, The
Unit Four Plus TwoUnited States Double QuartetUnited Travel Service
Unknown Artist (Tuba Records)Untamed, TheV, Formula
Valentine MagazineVarious-Magazines & NewspapersVarious-Surf & Instrumental
Vartan, SylvieVikings Gitarband, TheVilla, Pancho
Villard, NickVIP's, TheViscounts, The
Volcanos, TheVolunteers, TheVoomins, The
Voormann, KlausWailers, TheWashington, George E.
Watson, FrenesiWayne, PatWays & Means
Wedgwoods, TheWelch, BruceWest, Dodie
Wheels, TheWhitcomb, IanWhite Light Motorcade
White, Louisa JaneWhite, TamWho
Wichita Train Whistle,TheWilde ThreeWilde, Marty
Wiley, T.C.Williams, MoonWillie And The Red Rubber Band
Wilson, Don LeeWilson, JimmyWimple Winch
Winters, RonWishful Thinking (60s)Yellow Balloon, The
Young BloodYoung, Johnny (Soul)Young, Kenny
Young, RoyZelkowitz, GoldieZombies, The
Zuider Zee, The

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